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Cant activate the simple mode


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Hi everyone

Yesterday i was modifying my UI and when i confirm my icon of simple mode disappear and my simple mode stop working

 I try to reset the UI also try Shift +F3,  changue the key binding (Shift F3) and repair the game  but  nothing happen.


I try with others pjs and the simple mode works fine the problem just happen with my KMF (lv60 HM18)


Any one know a solution for this problem?


I appreciate the help 

Thank you

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6 hours ago, Grimoir said:

under options, blade and soul mode there is a checkbox to enable simple mode, if its unmarked the simple mode icon aboe the rmb/lmb buttons in game wont appear and you wont be able to turn it on.

That fix the problem 


Thank you

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14 hours ago, Burnningg said:


would you like to show me going through the same problem and I can't activate the simple mode again


Press ESC > Go to Settings > Game Tab > Tick Box "Use the Simplified Combat Controls Application Button" or Press Shift + F3 to Enable/Disable Simple Mode.

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