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Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate: I suggest to change how they work

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Despite of being dungeons of many years old, Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate are still being preferable dungeons for NCSoft, cuz they are dungeons where F10 is involved (resets). Also, cuz they have daily lock, NCSoft can give them good rewards without worry about inflation of currencies. I'm not surprised if NCSoft will revisit these dungeons again in future, or even make more.


However, the thing with orb entry are annoying: it promotes players' selfishness by hoarding fragments to sell on F5, and leech orbs from people who gather/spend on orb fragments. While Cold Storage can be ignored cuz the daily quest is just first boss, Heaven's Mandate is a different story when it requires an orb to even enter.


To add salt to the wound, Heaven's Mandate takes pretty much 3 slots of daily challenges per week, so it  gives new players with humble budget no choice but camping in F8 and waiting for the first sight of MOML party. It takes less than split second for such a party to be full. Even worse, some players, either new or selfish, do not respect the rule "MOML", so this discourage orb spenders to join F8 even further. Instead, they can just do it in-server where they can safely kicks who disobey the rule, though it is a pain to wait for party members to gather.


To deal with this without devaluing the shiny new Orb of Ascension, I suggest either:


1) Change Heaven' Mandate to be entry-free for boss 1, similar to Cold Storage. Change daily quest to just ask to clear 1st boss of HM too. To unlock second fight of Jinsoyun, you will have to spend an orb. This will benefit players who just to finish daily. For people who are generous, they can spend orb.


2) Same as above, but change's Heaven's Mandate's entry-fee to one single Shard. For second boss, you spend other 5 shards. This way, it encourages players to do daily challenge to earn shards and use. Since it is a pain to solo Heaven's Mandate unless you're super whale geared, players will band together to take down boss, thus ensure the group aspect of these dungeons.


3) Heaven's Mandate becomes entry free.  But boss 2 of both CS and HM are no longer included in the dungeon. Instead, players with orbs can go to outside of these dungeons to access solo bosses, which are Karri Lord and Winged Jinsoyun, with suitable HP that offers extra reward. Similar to those solo treasure rooms in Celestial Basin.


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If I didn't use my orb that's  leeching:JinsoyunPale:?

1.Tell me:

What if a party of 6, 3 of them got orbs, the one who use the orb first, got the loot,  the other pt member are all leeching? or those who don't have orbs are leeching? 


YOYL is an offer, ppl who willing to take the offer, accept the condition, and it is their will to use it willingly before accept it with out any enforcement.


Your party member contribute dps and save ur time to fight the boss, and u provide the entry. In return u got all the loot


This is a fair take- NOT LEACHING


Just cz u use 100% of ur orb everytime, does not mean other ppl have to do the same, if everyone can solo CS and HM, YOYL wouldn't exist at all. Some player doesn't even care about that 7g each day, cz all they need is to get some gem tickets and ice shards. 


2. MOML Pt ads

U stay in the lobby just looking for a MOML party ads? how silly is that! completely waste of time

I have 4 alts, and every time I queue automatically there is a 70% chance of having orb in the pt, all u need is just patience and don't jump around all the time



The secret is queue b4 or just after reset! especially in the early morning

Long waiting time for queue? no orb? just doing other stuff! and came back regularly!





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You what to move in it all your alters which you ever made, the thous dungeons would give 3 gold not 10 and won't be a background for new "unite stones" system for easy access. And there are enough people each day who cooperate of 6 for both dungeons, and you just need 4 more parts to do it daily just with 1 char, do 5 days if don't have time to get from other character activity, or buy with your quest gold of ten to get event items and feathers. Yes, why do we need to pay in-game items in the free games?

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