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  1. Bans for game crashing

    Dudes, when you planning remove bans because of your product crashing? When your window freezes or game crashes almost all time u in the fight so even if you have returned in 5 minutes u was ded and CANT return to your party, after the resurrection in "4" u was losing that chance. I don't speak about that fact that "to leave" battleground u shud close entire game, there just NO BUTTON to "exit with consequences", now you just hitting poor friendly dogs nearly you, and making them angry and if they don't leave, they become wolfs from yourself dungeons. For me, your "event time" is 22, so if the game crashes 2 times I shud wait to midnight, just to complete the damn quest of 3 fight daily. And my PC not so old and I still getting 2-3 crashes each week mostly from PVP.
  2. No, you don't its 255 daily limit, from 1 char.
  3. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Dudes why you so unhappy here in the first place... Why you just can't relax and play... What u planning to achieve here... u unhappy as always, angry as always, but struck daily 14 hours anyway... You wrote a lot but I don't see your point...
  4. Raid Nerfs

    Ye Ye, first they asking raven geared raids, then they unhappy when gets one. And YEYE no paid raids for you any more bastards to get half week gold in 1 run, and no SELLING items with 2-10k of gold. Bebe bebeebe
  5. Server delayed by 5 hours LOOOOOOL

    Don't be so happy, Sacred Longgui is for 500k+ dps peoples, and Lord of the Inferno for 2kk+ dps peoples. So moust gonna do what they doing today anyway. And its solo dungeons, you cant take your "friends" with you.
  6. You what to move in it all your alters which you ever made, the thous dungeons would give 3 gold not 10 and won't be a background for new "unite stones" system for easy access. And there are enough people each day who cooperate of 6 for both dungeons, and you just need 4 more parts to do it daily just with 1 char, do 5 days if don't have time to get from other character activity, or buy with your quest gold of ten to get event items and feathers. Yes, why do we need to pay in-game items in the free games?
  7. Do you missing something? You need larger friend list, not clan itself, in friend list, you see all alternative characters with the account itself accepted and which one he playing now. With your needs you shud go with your friends not clan, clan have pvp 1 party of 6.
  8. Geometry Lesson

    yes, You shud take marker and repair mistakes on monitor, and don't forget feed your mouse, its have cheese nearby? To all of you so simple to repair mistakes in product from 60k files.
  9. And your "tt" relates HOW to they buhaltery? They can give it in bank to pay to workers and programmers? No? What a hell you talking? And you shud whait normal launcher and use your eyes, not just push random buttons. ALL "file deletions" are noticed.
  10. Daily quest gold nerf

    Now "game" in layers like Autocad, you get 10 from cold storage x3 your normal daily routine chars and your 100 gold in takt with daily box.
  11. BNS battle royale ladders

    And u call that rankings in 6VS6?! When 90% of people in bronze in 3 years game progression, 2 diamonds O brilliants and 20 gold? You have what 200 people population? And others "don't met requirements" to even be in silver.
  12. Game Crash after new update!

    Game Freezes when any boss in it uses "Red Circle" skill, I used "Low PC" mode and still at that spot I getting laags or game froze for minute +. Still, it's our fault? If in normal mode its just crashes and u cant move even after 5 minutes. Desolated Tomb last boss, Iron Forge last boss, MSP boss. All at the same spot, I see repetition but don't see way to fix it from my PC side.
  13. Game Crash after new update!

    Use "Low PC" in graphics in thous dungeons where a game crashes, until they found where the mistake is.
  14. Heavens Mandate

    How to understand event if EVERYONE can go in it just AFTER 3 days, because its 3 orb parts from weekly, 1 from daily and you need a total of 6, to make 1 orb, I don't speak about cold storage Kari?
  15. No they not, just increased salvage cap to 8th, do "new" event and salvage "new" 8ths from them if you sou need shards.
  16. Dead game :(

    There just 3 dungeones on highest top, sometimes even 1 or 2 with strategy elements and all lower you can beet with a wood stick, what is your real problem, gonna be released more dungeons this one be with no head to.
  17. requesting compensation

    Layer, all mmos have almost the same time, don't know at least 1 from 10 concurrent who doing it at night. And you cud Offer like 10k EU support in a year with nice asking about other time because of your bizznes incompatibility with your free time.
  18. Post awakening arena alt concerns.

    To complete a daily quest for what else?
  19. requesting compensation

    You must be working to long in night shifts in your life... Or you just forget that maintenance doing real people, so you want that some people 1 day in a week spend in work 24 hours because you and few very proud themselves can do they "daily chores" really...?
  20. Dead game :(

    So what you doing here...? The game was started even earlier than Heavens Mandate, you recommend make just storyline and make new content possible to achieve in 1 year? Then will be even less people around. If you fink in pvp some class OP go try yourself it, maybe then you get that problem is in other place. Complicated? And you whant to use your 2 mouse buttons all the time and whach TV years long? And you sound like someone else paying real life your bills "I don't pay for games" yes you just staying in them 14+ hours daily no matter what and jealously blaming thous who pay for you to play. It's NOT some kind virtual AI growing itself, there is real people component in it.
  21. Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan Events Overview

    Hello, and to enter to "Heavens Mandate" and "Cold Storage 2nd boss Kari" we still need orbs? And how about "Zaivei ruins" what now be with that territory, and what quests and drops there will be now? Thank you.
  22. Just give us new date of patch release, you not gonna make it on time anyway. 3 month not enough to you introduce from December, as you sed yourself. How about heavens mandate, where orbs from, what level to enter, how connection with storyline; What gonna happen to Zaivei ruins, what gonna drop here now; Cold storage, levels, enter, Kari gonna need orb to, Your "new" 10vs10 challenge, coins, quests, how much for win what for failure, its 3 times in a day, so do quest failed or can be improved again at next hour. Daily challenge, and box from it. its content, what gonna be with it, will be just for people 1.3k AP, and SO ONE. What you doing...?
  23. Dice invalid dice range

    Use "other chat", faction party and PM don't work, use territory (yellow text) or your space (white text) chats.
  24. Can't get your idea about "gems compensations" and so on. No one gives 50 EU for the new model release of mobile phone. They paid money and time for what they whanted. Now new page new upgrades, so its NEW. To them, newer be enought anyway. And if someone wants can continue with your NEW levels of advancements. If no "they" can keep their power as they are now.