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  1. SUGGESTION: Blade & Soul In VR 360

    You just wanted to sed something right...? GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB-vs-Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 And if about cost Motherboard 270 Eu with 2 GPU Geforce 2070 Super 550+ Eu Connector to join 2 vith nLink 30 Eu and with 2 GPU u can have 110% now so 100+ on 4K as minimum.
  2. SUGGESTION: Blade & Soul In VR 360

    And You cud start with adding 360 camera in your Office..
  3. Hello, do you have some plans make it possible...?
  4. 100 hours for WIngs

    Don't waste your time in blablabla bla in GAME.... whatever, its feels like u have problems, go pay 15 EU and sty in WOW then. You already hate this FREE product that much... i refusing comment more...
  5. Another update another nail in the coffin

    Well... new system have 4X times more resurses as my PC and I play all places and dont have that big lag at the moment at 4 graphic set. And I don't expect to continue with today's my PC, and with new one i would like to use it all. Now u sound like this link to you... ...
  6. Another update another nail in the coffin

    SO... where is nail...? Have time play don't have, go to work or whatever u have to do... What exactly do you expect in GAME...? They can decrease to increase and backwards to remove completed YOUR so loved "Groundhog-Day"...
  7. did you see?

    does windows 10 improved your fps? What u fink U4 is? Is exchanging from low polygon model to higher (Polygons is how much lines cub have, more lines more he looks like sphere). As from your video I would like to say from 300 to 400, so in total its about 30-50% more resources. Go play Lineage if this heights not for u.
  8. SUGGESTION: And 1 As Boss

    Can you add possibility to 1 player at first hit moment in 12 groups play as a boss, use his skills etc, ofcose boss shud use most of his daily routine himself, but regular part in player hands? You don't fink tat would spice things little bit up?
  9. Questions from a non-regular player

    First what u need to change is to start play with 3 - 6 characters. Now its wrong game to play with just 1 if u want to get somewhere. Daily challenge is enough on all of them to get materials for your main and gold for advancing your main. Levels doesn't matter in this game, U can be hm 12 just everyone gonna look at start whats inside. PVP just turn off chat why u care what others babbling, and to advance pvp gear u shud go to 1v1 and at-least participate 3 rounds with each your char for Bloodstones. And no triangle stones now from moon refuge they untradable unenhancable but cost your time not resurses, if u whant advance later gonna need hongmoon version. Badges choose with skills what u have.
  10. Do you need good reflexes to be good at this game?

    U better sty away with your starting char from daily chalanges at your level, just continue your story line. Thous parts for group and mostly impossible do complete solo on your own. U shud have problem only at "Twisted Grimhorn Wilds" they made it for group game-play so ask in faction Im sure someone gonna join u, even if he just himself ended story.
  11. Please reduce the fee of mailing gems.

    Yes to your alter characters u need triangle stones from "Moon Refuge", there no point anymore to sending them back in and out.
  12. Loading Screen Art Contest 2020

    Can u use real world pictures to?
  13. No its ded because they to busy play game themselves and cant even write what changes they making correctly some stupid ogr in boss position "premium hearths from tummorrow", and "Cristmas event "go buy with your dadys cash" and new wevent 2 "OILS in month " whatever go play something else. if dont like 12 hours daily job.
  14. And u ofcose to shy to tell everyone what exactly great event is right? Everyone supposed to be in your shues with your personal life stuff who makes people, and reed his mind. So tell everyone whas is great event of the century. Reading from stars is good but now you just impossible.
  15. End of the game or Just End?

    So.... what is your problem again? i cant understand.... Its not one offline lines, and cant reech it end, and its good, like it go and play it, don't like then sorry we have enough them already online ... when I joined not even Heavens Mandate included, and nothing they somehow surviving. And looks like u misunderstanding MMO concept itself, its world to play it at daily basics, not to end it, how u play it if its over, and story just what happened in this virtual universe from start. Go only in PVP then and sell moonstones buy all stuff, if "grinding" something what u "just cant do", gonna have anyway. Another damn kid with his "where my gid to go outside my city", u using navi to go to shop to?