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  1. And u ofcose to shy to tell everyone what exactly great event is right? Everyone supposed to be in your shues with your personal life stuff who makes people, and reed his mind. So tell everyone whas is great event of the century. Reading from stars is good but now you just impossible.
  2. End of the game or Just End?

    So.... what is your problem again? i cant understand.... Its not one offline lines, and cant reech it end, and its good, like it go and play it, don't like then sorry we have enough them already online ... when I joined not even Heavens Mandate included, and nothing they somehow surviving. And looks like u misunderstanding MMO concept itself, its world to play it at daily basics, not to end it, how u play it if its over, and story just what happened in this virtual universe from start. Go only in PVP then and sell moonstones buy all stuff, if "grinding" something what u "just cant do", gonna have anyway. Another damn kid with his "where my gid to go outside my city", u using navi to go to shop to?
  3. I prefer 30 100% instead 10 random, with my luck at last account I got 6 in 21 craft, and last 6 was failed, I not just stop play, I simply remove account, because its more than double of F5 cost, I felt completely idiot to making not buying them, good luck newer gonna make 1 more with ring in this game. If random so in need make at least 2 failed 3th 100% protection line, or whatever count satisfy makers. Im still on one account not get dragon horn from lucky weel, and I made 100 spins all failed. All what you gonna acheave gonna make some people stuck in progress.
  4. Can someone confirm is it right: Quantity Material -Premium Transformation Stone 10Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 10Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 10Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 10Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 10Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 15Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 15Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 15Premium Transformation Stone -Premium Transformation Stone 20Premium Transformation Stone Its for Champion hearths or its supposed to be "transformation stones"?
  5. Anitvirus, Disk error, Memory, etc. Error?

    He try start at middle downloading, so pleas go to the end, and all will works.
  6. Roots of Malice: Item and Systems Preview

    WHERE?! "full patch notes on July 23." it's 24 already No one asked you promised yourself, why to promise, promise then million and diemands rain And you from ONE of special YOUR 1st continent country sou ACKT like you live in them and your "not all countries available" like in Black Desert or "Perfect World" mean something
  7. Roots of Malice: Item and Systems Preview

    Hello, from first 2 quests we gonna get "event coins" to or we can use at least maintenance day for our needs at the previous event? Can we ask when you planing make account bound Onyx Scale and its fragments? If now from weekly change we gonna get 2Steels? Thank you
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    SO you sed... and we would like to ask, HOW MUCH do you PAYD and WHAT exactly do you get for it, dow u blabbing that you have not spent 3 years in the game and can't do same as they do. All what you sed "my wallet empty cant buy last year progress with cash", "5 weeks I going out SPEAR ME just go away maybe in summer gonna get part-time job nearly see, and will stop be so annoying after return... And Ofcose, you forget to introduce your so precious achievements in the game which raised up entire game and server in new hights. Your 11 chars farming doesn't count, make no difference for me or someone else. And I'm sure you selling not helping all raids, maybe skipping Spyre... So who you are and what you want here?
  9. Guild and Acc not chars

    Hello, now you made 11 acc chars and even 5 minimum to do a daily challenge to go somewhere in your game. Can you please show in guilds now not single char, but acc information, like 1 acc for 1 guild with all chars in it, or most people wants to be 1 hour each day in the guild then go to your alter char and join another one? But now guild mostly empty and just 1 2 chars changing entire day long, maybe then 1 char to join and just show what alter he is now ON, or it's too hard to do...?
  10. "Game settings" in web page

    Hello, can u pleas already change your "game needs" in a web page? Its says 22 GB hard space but for me, it's using 50, and 20+ more at installation phase... And you recommending 3 GB ram when at pvp it's using 13, do you fink really no one cares....?
  11. AND IM SHURE you restarted your PC before Each gameplay, you DONT turned Any programs before, you Started at same time of the day, not 1 at night with +15 and another middle of day +30 with extra processor heat, and Both your "party" members from the same locations and delay between they're game and server are 100% same. You sound insane, it's not offline CD-DVD game with just 1 factor - Yours. Even if you throw stones to the neighbor window I'm sure you won't hit the same spot and IM SHURE that weather was same not 1 at sunny day and other at taifun, right? Nah it's Not HIS, but the masters of IT, whatever you just want some attention in your life and don't get any or gonna do It by yourself at all conditions? And you sed, who is your masters?
  12. Grand Celestial vs Aransu (Wrong)

    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you
  13. Grand Celestial vs Aransu (Wrong) U ALL saying "1 -3 not so good" "from 6 similar to aransu 9", what a bullshit u writing, GC doesn't have any stat changes in entire line from 1 to 9, its all same just with +10 ap for each level. So if you "say" its bad at 3 it's gonna be BAD at 9 also just with more AP, like 50 from 3. So 1 of you stupid makers or you.
  14. Belooga Lagoon Horn

    Hello, can someone explain to me HOW "thief" (Bloodery) can take horn and wall walk to his base right through closed door on the closest route?
  15. U changed resolution, change it back. ESC -> Settings (O) -> Reset (in left down corner).