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Like wind or lightning more (awakening skills spec)


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Before the lightning rotation was very smooth and the wind rotation was clunky but now the wind rotation is super smooth and lightning has lethal slash which seems to interrupt normal rotation although doing a lot of damage in the process.  But still lightning seems to do better in pvp situations like Tower of Infinity.  Maybe I'm wrong I don't know.

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Before awk patch I were a die-hard lightning fan... gonna be honest with you, I changed to wind. Both pve and pvp. Both arena pvp and 6v6 pvp. It's amazing and fun as hell. 


There's just one issue with wind bd. A bug. It removes the next readied typhoon when whirling scourge ends. Although irritating, it's easy to work around.


Pulling 4 enemies and then slapping multiple enemies with hatah hatah hatah killing them all in 6v6 is just fun as hell.


Wind is bae.

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Honestly, Fatal Blade doesn't really interrupt rotations too much. If you need V and Fatal Blade pops up... just use Fatal Blade, then press V again.


All that really changed in any major way is that skill for the most part... it certainly makes managing your skills slightly more complicated (as you need to build and use Fatal Blade), but ultimately, it's pretty much the same as before.

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