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New player question about weapon


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I just started this game last week and currently levelling my warden. 

I found many discussions about seraph and baleful differences in skills CD and attack power.


However, where i can find the details about that info in the game?

Because I only found that seraph will have 300HP regen while baleful fill have 100% attack, nothing mentioned about skills CD.

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Warlock does benefit from seraph more because it gives you a shorter cooldown on your leech(f) which is the main skill to use for warlock to activate his rotation.(I'm a warlock main)
Warden too benefits from seraph because of your Blade Ward(V) skill that you want to have active as much time as possible as it gives you immunity to some attacks and also elemental damage.
Honestly it doesen't really matter what you choose between bale or seraph because in two weeks of farming(probably less) you will upgrade to the next tier.
Keep in mind you can also swap between the two at any time by using void fragments.

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After I made my choice, I just realize about the skill difference in seraph and baleful.


I chose baleful at first because I thought the 100% damage in baleful is better than 300HP in seraph. But I will change it to seraph because the skill in seraph definitely better

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I think it's okay to use 7 socket weapon. Especially if you don't have many naryu silver. 
Each upgrade has a chance to unlock 1-3 slots.

Changing between baleful/seraph or riftwalk/dawnforged also has a chance to unlock slots and it's pretty cheap.

Hongsil secret storehouse (current event solo dung) has a high droprate of legendary gem hammers.

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