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  1. No Gift Box for Tower of Memory

    So much this. I didn't realize you had to accept the quest from the quest letters section (hotkey J) every day.
  2. New player question about weapon

    I don't know the reasons behind it, but from what I've read, every class chooses baleful except warden and warlock, who use seraph. If there are any exceptions to the general rule, I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable will post.
  3. Hi, New player here. Haven't gotten into crafting yet, but I'd like some insight into how crafting works. My clan intends to raid eventually, so it is my hope to pick up Aquired Taste and Silver Cauldron for cooking and potions. My question is: how available are the tradeable versions of craftable items (and their required materials?) The entire point of picking up these professions is to provide buffs for my clan, so my crafting outputs need to be tradeable, not character or account bound. Many thanks!
  4. Theater of Mystery: Dungeons & Events

    Hi, a bit of feedback Re: Hongsil's secret storehouse. For the next time it comes around, could using less, but tougher training dummies be considered? There is so much lag from the sheer number of mobs...
  5. Hiya Massive! Patch Notes indicate the xp charms from the peach vendor are now useable up to HM14.
  6. No more side quests showing

    "Removed a large amount of side quests in Viridian Coast, The Cinderlands, and Moonwater Plains. Non-essential drops from monsters in Viridian Coast, The Cinderlands, and Moonwater Plains have been reduced or removed." October 17, 2018
  7. Hi, Just a heads-up on a few things regarding the Celestial Basin peach vendor. Re: the Eminence XP Charm: Patch notes indicate that this XP Charm will be valid for use up to Hongmoon 14, and one of the two tooltips has changed to reflect that. However of the item's two tooltips, the Caution warning still mentions HM12. The patch also removed the use of Forging Orbs and Xanos discs for weapon upgrades. I am a new player, so I do not know if these are used for anything else, and in fact patch notes mention that sealed versions of these items can be exchanged. Any explanation as to why the untradeable ones cannot be exchanged, only sold for 1 copper each? I find it strange that the exchange was not available for all of the items, as they clearly hold some value, else the exchange for Sacred Orbs (re: sealed ones) would not exist. But specific to the peach vendor versions, these items' tooltips show 'Duration Expired' so I believe these 'expired' items have no use at all. Why are they still listed on the peach vendor? A faulty mouse or human error could cause an unintentional purchase via misclick. Or, for those players who missed this item in the patch notes (including returning players at some point in the future who are unaware of the patch) could buy them in ignorance. These items could (should?) have been removed. Thanks for your time - I know y'all read the forums.
  8. side quests outfits?

    As of October 2018, blue (side) quests, including repeatable daily quests, were removed from The Viridian Coast, The Cinderlands, and Moonwater Plains. Source According to the BnS wiki you can also purchase the costumes from a Valor Stone vendor in their respective zones, but (again, re: the wiki) the source of valor stones included... Daily Quests. But I don't know how often the wiki is updated, so I honestly don't know. I believe the Cinderlands daily quest costume (obsidian serpent) is available from the Zen Bean Trader (?) but I'm not sure on that either - I have not checked.
  9. Please help noob here frustrated

    Aweome! ty for the confirmation : )
  10. I'm not sure, but I think the general consensus is Warden and Warlock go Seraph, and all other classes use Baleful. [Edit] Warlock, not Summoner
  11. Naryu silvers,coins

    There are a few dailies where you can choose Naryu Coins, but do be aware that the conversion rate is 20 Naryu Coins to 1 Naryu Silver.
  12. Please help noob here frustrated

    When I posted, I had thought RNG max slots would move to 8; however, based on the Patch Notes released yesterday: So overall more gems, but I can't say with certainty what the RNG max will be when buying weapons from the vendor. I'd assume they remain capped at 6.
  13. Missing Shadowstrike daily quest

    Oh? Awesome! Is it the outfit only so far, or does this include the matching head and face adornments as well?
  14. Missing Shadowstrike daily quest

    I can't find any official documentation to confirm this, but as of the October 17th 2018 Update, blue quests in the Viridian Coast, the Cinterlands, and Moonwater Plains, were all removed. This included repeatable dailies. So this is unfortunately not a bug. The NPC at Yehara's Mirage is still at the doorway, but there is no quest anymore. [edit] remembered the name of the lower level zone
  15. Please help noob here frustrated

    Heads up in case you didn't read about upcoming changes yet: the new maximum gem slots will be increased to 8 (from 6) on Dec. 5th, so if you haven't gotten your legendary weapon yet, no rush : ) As mentioned above, save up Naryu Silver (Reminder: 20 Naryu Coin = 1 Naryu Silver) You can purchase the weapon chest at the vendor in Grand Harvest Square (?*) for 5 Naryu Silver (?*) The amount of gem slots your weapon will have when you open the weapon chest is random, so you may have to buy and open a few chests. (*not sure on those details, I hope I got them right)