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  1. Or this is intentionally? market price for pet pods is 180g but 85 HM Coins only about 100g in F9. and 5 elder scales only 75HM Coins. These 2 good deals only for those who spend real money
  2. The worst is they reduce the gold from dungeon. Decent gear required to join nice content like VT and MSP 4-6 is A9 weapon + second tear ALL accessories + good gems. My daily income is around 50 gold. PTS alone is 400gold. No other source to get PTS, gem powders, legendary jewel and element except spend our gold. Then how exactly to progress and enjoy the game?
  3. Lol. I just evolve my divinity bracelet yesterday. It cost red crux form salvaging my tiger 10 bracelet. Now we have cost reduction that only need 4 silver scale? I hope there will be compensation for those who already have divinity/star breaker bracelet.
  4. Oh i see. that is how it works. if i spec all my skills in threat without HM points, it supposed to be enough unless my damage is really low. thanks a lot!
  5. I have some questions about warden in a party: 1. Threat: How many points should I put and how to effectively play role as threat spec warden? yesterday in RSC, a party member ask me to spec in threat, so I put 10 points. But at the end of the dungeon, he said I am stupid. maybe because he died and blame me. 2. Black wing: I got Aransu mystic badge. is this the "BW" people ask in party recruitment? "BW" means black wing from warden aransu badge? 3. Soul flare: If some other warden or warlock who dont have aransu or dynasty badge cast SB, do I got benefits from my aransu b
  6. how about raven 9 upgrade? storm dragon / exalted is better progress option than aransu path?
  7. I see..thanks for the info!
  8. Currently we can use snowy wrath as offering material to upgrade dawnforge weapon. so we can skip to buy or hunt those weapons. even we get material discount by using snowy wrath. I upgraded my weapon until stage 9 without use any offering weapon.
  9. Sometimes I cast soul flare in dungeon but it failed to activate. Is there any prerequisite to successfully cast it?
  10. I just started this game 2 weeks ago. Yeah, its little hard to get in party to clear dungeons for 'The dead refuse to die' for 200 draken orbs. What I did is I camp in Celestial Basin to get my mystic badge for 15,000 peaches, then 23,000 peaches for Oath Necklace (8,000 peaches + 15,000 peaches trade for 50 orbs) and another 23,000 peaches for Eternity belt. During that time, I managed to collect a lot of chests for weapon upgrade materials. From this, I can upgrade my baleful to 11. From here, I dont have problem to use LFP in F8 to clear all dungeon in 'The dea
  11. I got 7 gem sockets on my first weapon. some say dont upgrade the weapon unless I got 8 sockets. Do I really need buy weapon chest until get 8 sockets weapon or it is okay to just use my 7 sockets weapon?
  12. Thanks! After I made my choice, I just realize about the skill difference in seraph and baleful. I chose baleful at first because I thought the 100% damage in baleful is better than 300HP in seraph. But I will change it to seraph because the skill in seraph definitely better
  13. I just started this game last week and currently levelling my warden. I found many discussions about seraph and baleful differences in skills CD and attack power. However, where i can find the details about that info in the game? Because I only found that seraph will have 300HP regen while baleful fill have 100% attack, nothing mentioned about skills CD.
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