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  1. Trying to make a destro

    Definitively do not run around with grabbed boss, that would make hitting it harder for every melee class. Grabbing the bosses in realmrift is definitively worth. 1) it can delay it's mechanics/annoying attacks. This is specially helpful during slahimi's encounter because you can kill him without his invulnerable phase. 2) The skill bonuses from gear doesn't work here so the skill that can be used against restraint target deals higher dps then standard skills. Just tell the party that you are going to use grab so they should enable the restraint skills if they have them disabled. And do not use grab during SB, that's a waste.
  2. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    @Babbletr0n Thanks for your work & GL. Btw to everyone typing F... You are supposed to equip Requiem and type /mourn here.
  3. EU Or US most players?

    I think both regions has enough of population. I don't think there are any oficial stats that would allow comparison. You should pick the region where you have better ping or which timezone fits you better (because of when most ppl are online, bg frenzy times or koldrak). In EU you should choose the server based on your prefered language because there are EN, DE and FR servers (1 for each language). You can expect people in faction chats use that language.
  4. Roles of a warden

    As Lulius mentioned the HM points doesn't work in RSC. If you are gonna tank you should always spec the threat version for skills that have it. You only want to use HM points in threat when there is someone who deals at least 3x more dmg than you in burst, when you get CCed a lot (which shouldn't happen to warden), or when there are long gaps when you can't dmg a boss but ranged classes can.
  5. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    But the situation is different with raids. In raid group the leader can decide if he accept or decline if someone joins. If he doesn't like someone's gear he simply won't accept their apply so there is no need to kick low geared players or to kick to make spot for SB/BB. Also the raid leader is responsible for who he kicks, if there is someone troll-kicking people from raids he will get known for it and ppl would block him/avoid his recruits. You can't choose who you are joined with when you hit LFG button.
  6. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    1 and 2) - that's true, but currently there is still an option to hit the LFG button and try to complete the dungeon with the group you get. Your suggestion would take this option away and that would make finding groups to do dungeons for low geared players even harder. 3) that might be case and it might be rare, but it might happen and this suggestion would allow it. 4) And that's what it fails to do. If you have 2 afkers in group of 6 you will never get 5 votes for kicking one of them. I agree that afkers in LFP dungs are problem but I think that vote kick system would bring more problems than it would resolve. The better solution would be a report system that would automatically punish players, that gets reported in multiple runs. Before automatically punishing it might cross-check the report against log of reported players action in dungeon (such as skill usage, movement etc). The cross-checking mechanism would make abuse of the system harder and the need of report from multiple runs would prevent the punishment of players that had to go afk due to unforseen circumstances but doesn't usually afk in dungeons.
  7. This game is not THE SIMS ONLINE. Adding anything to game cost resources. It is much better to spend these resource on adding things that match the game's theme or on improving things that are already there than spending them on completely random stuff like marriage or housing.
  8. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    The vote kicking has been discussed here multiple times and it still hasn't been added. Grimoir is right that it would be abused. 1) If the 5 ppl in group doesn't like your gear they would kick you even if your gear is more than enough to complete dungeon. 2) If the group is missing SB/BB ppl would kick and recruit until they get one or get bored. 3) There might be 5-man premades that would kick last player right before last boss just to troll him. 4) If all 5 others players have to agree with kick the afkers would join in party of 2. So the vote kick wouldn't resolve the problem at all.
  9. Where to redeem Golden Seed

    It's the npc in midnight skypetal planes (in each of the three camps inside). I don't know his name but i think there is only one NPC in each camp.
  10. There are always at least two daily challenge dungeons if you run NS-ST. The celestial basin quest is in daily challenge every day. Cold storage/heaven's mandate daily challenge is available every day. Solo dung/ToI daily challenge is also available every day. I don't see a reason why you would be forced to do MSP.
  11. That's not true. Because of the gear progression what used to be higher level dungeons is now low level dungeons. The current NS/IF/EL is much easier to complete than it used to be when these dungeons has been released. Thats mainly because of few reasons: 1) The gear you can get from story quests, some additional quests and peach farming is higher than what was common gear when these dungeons have been released. 2) The HM level you get from finishing quests is higher -> you have higher stats. 3) Several things has been added into the game that weren't available when these dungeons has been released. For example heart accessories, extra categories for hm points like boss AP or health regen. 4) The mechanics in these dungeons have been nerfed. The failure of mechanics doesn't equal wipe anymore and some mechanics has been completely removed. There is nothing bad with going stright to sanctum now. The low geared group should be able to complete it as long as they at least watched some video to learn basics about the mechanics there. Of course it want be extra easy and fast for them but dungeons are something you should progress at first, not easily farm right away when you get to them. As for your Asura example. I guess you mean the Twin Asuras from Temple of Eluvium. The mechanics for these are completely different from the mechanics of asura in sogun's lament. The only thing that is similar is the basic attack pattern and that's only for the blue asura. The red one has different attacks. So ppl can learn more from watching some video guide than from completing the sogun's lament. The only reason why the removal of outdated dungeons from daily challenge might be problematic for new players is that they might have trouble to find the groups for completing "The dead refuse to die" quest that requires completing EC/DT/NF. So this quest should be adjusted.
  12. I think you guys are mistaking something. The Daily DASH is there to give free stuff, not the Daily CHALLENGE.
  13. Can we get our old DC back?

    There are enough quests in daily challenge that can be done with lower gear each day: 1. Celestial basin Q 2. Cold Storage/heaven's mandate 3. MSP 1-3 or Mushin F20 (Mon/Wed/Fri) + ToI (Tue/Thu/Sun) or solo/tag arena
  14. Shadowmoor & dream theatre

    Shadowmoor - no Dreamsong Theater - You will need to do mechanic at first boss unless everyone in your a9+ team can hold over 1,2M burst for 20s. You won't need to do mechanic at second boss but you might need to use lucky revitalizer to survive dmg from failed conduct. The easiest way to do mechanic at first boss is to have 1 player attack boss later than others (for example he might start dmg when the boss is at 95%) and when mech starts he will run directly into last circle and wait here. The other 5 players will do the jumping mech.
  15. This won't happen. Whenever there are free tokens a day on f10 they were always up during the event. When event ends there is time to redeem tokens but never a way to get more of these tokens.