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  1. Have cruxes been removed?

    Cruxes are used in unrefined -> stage 1 step. Your screen only shows stage 1 -> stage 10.
  2. 2018/12/12 maintenance

    Pseudo-randomness on computers is good enough for cryptography so why wouldn't it be good enough in games?
  3. New player question about weapon

    I think it's okay to use 7 socket weapon. Especially if you don't have many naryu silver. Each upgrade has a chance to unlock 1-3 slots. Changing between baleful/seraph or riftwalk/dawnforged also has a chance to unlock slots and it's pretty cheap. Hongsil secret storehouse (current event solo dung) has a high droprate of legendary gem hammers.
  4. Suggestions that will be ignored

    1. The problem is that when you create new connection after losing one, the new connection is not authenticated. You need to go through login procedure to authenticate new connection and login procedure in BnS is part of launcher. The games that return you to title screen have their login form there. That's not true for cold storage. Stacking defense and the freezing mechanic will cause them to hit the enrage timer unless they can perfectly juggle the robots.
  5. Hongmoon Weapon¿?

    Hello. You shoul salvage it. You will get upgradable legendary weapon form story quest later. Take a look at this topic, i've explained there about weapons and accessories. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/242619-returning-player-where-to-start/?tab=comments#comment-2047051
  6. Daily Dash

    Because there is no daily dash during trove event.
  7. No Gift Box for Tower of Memory

    The gift box is reward for the daily quest "Not-So-Fond Memories" not for the dynamic quest. You can accept the daily quest from the quest letters tab in quest journal.
  8. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    Any mode with competitive ladder is obviously going to be "elitist". I think the bigger issue is that the challenger's orb fragment drop from weekly challenge is rng based. That means that lucky players will have more attepts per season while someone unlucky might not even get a chance to do the challenge.
  9. Please help noob here frustrated

    You can get 8-slot seraph/baleful from the light/dark box for naryu silver. Took me about 40 attempts to get one for my alt.
  10. Naryu silvers,coins

    Trash mobs in Irontech Forge drops some naryu coins and silvers.
  11. someone set OTP in my account

    I would suggest changing passwords for your ncsoft account and for your mail.
  12. Yun Only Class

    How would the game benefit from the Yun only class? Also making the Yun only class would not make the game more "fair". It would just be a statisfaction for Yun fans. I think they should remove the race-based limitations for classes as much as possible. The limitations based on lore stopped making sense the moment lyn's got warlocks. The look argument doesn't make much sense. Why shouldn't be lyn's able to use 2h swords or axes? Of course they would match the weapon size to their body constitution. And there is also no reason why there shouldn't be Gon or Yun Blade Dancer or Warlock. The only class that might end up little bit ridiculous would be Summoner. But if there are Gon fans who would like to play the Gon summoner why not let them? The real problem is, that making the class available for another race costs resources. And if the race is not popular enough than the ncsoft probably wouldn't want to spend those resources.
  13. Wait with the box until patch on wednesday since the number of possible sockets is going to be increased.
  14. Well... that's rng for you. My friend's raid got shadow and fire in their last two kills of boss 1 so it definitively drop other elements. http://www.gergely.risko.hu/debian-dsa1571/dilbert9.jpg
  15. How to get enter gunwon prison again ?

    Windstride to the Dasari Palace and move a little. The game should take you back into the prison right after you move.