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  1. Question about Martial Tome for ForceMaster

    It did exist. At some point FM had awakened dragonchar or awakened blazing beam based on what skill they've speced. But most FM's changed spec to dragonchar when they had WL in group so awakened blazing beam was removed pretty soon.
  2. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    That's not a problem. There are two limits for number of ppl in channel. When the soft limit is reached, the new incoming people are sent to other channel and you can't change into the channel by yourself. But the party members are still allowed to join party leader's channel (that's what "taxi" uses). When hard limit is reached noone can join the channel so even taxi won't work anymore.
  3. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    That's not true. For example unity stones give significant stats boost but the only source of legendary skill stones (from sparkling ore box) was the trove. Also while you can get legendary radiance stones by combining superior and heroic stones, the amount of them you could get by this point as F2P player at this point is limited (because daily limit for CS/HM). At this point as F2P player you simply cannot reach as high set bonus from unity stones as someone who got them from trove even if you played nonstop since awakening patch.
  4. Well, it's said that the weapon cores will also be in these new chests in the latest patch notes. I guess communication works well in NC...
  5. I think they do backup more often than once per week. You don't rly need to shutdown the game to make backup. But there are other things you need to do regulary. For example applying updates to OS and then running tests to check that everything is ok.
  6. 64-bit client suddenly low fps capped

    If your FPS problems started after some crash, the Fault Tolerant Heap might be the reason behind them. There is how to check what applications are using FTH and how to disable it. https://discourse.paraview.org/t/potential-ms-windows-10-performance-hit-due-to-fth/405
  7. V During Quell Skills Not Useable.

    Did you switch to the simple mode? Those skills for some reason doesn't pop up if you are in simple mode.
  8. But this article https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/legends-reborn-item-and-systems-preview/ mentions the weapon cores too.
  9. Bug with Assassin KFM lmb rmb skill icons

    @Backstabpuss Some skills are hidden out of combat if they require target (only affects tab/lmb/rmb and F skills).
  10. @Sunshine But the event soul upgrade path is part of "Blossoming Soul Event". The event heart upgrade path is part of Blade & Soulmate event.
  11. VT badge mat account bound

    @Soloniel The materials obtained before the patch didn't become account bound but those dropped after the patch are bound to account.
  12. You can only mail outfits using stamps to the characters in same account. There is no way to trade outfits in game except for the few outfits that comes in pouches and even those can only be traded before opening the pouch. Your only chance is to try contacting support but i don't know if they would be willing to move them.
  13. Unfortunately this is intentionall. Boss can't target you when you are airborne and because he has no other target he will reset.
  14. New Skill Tree

    1. Go to f12 and do a parse on general moyung. 2. Check dps meter to see what skills do most damage. 3. Put points to these skills. (optional: you might want to switch some points to awakened version of the skills when you have SB in your group).
  15. Training Points or Skill Points

    The skill system has been changed since then. Currently you are only allowed to choose your specialization when you are leveling your character. Somewhere around level 55 you will get the purple quest called "Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan". Completing this quest will unlock the talents for you. In talents section you can choose 5 talents (1 out of 3 talents for each row) that can change your skills. Completing lvl 60 achievement gives you 5 skill points, completing other skill achievements will give you 1 or 2 skill points. You can get 15 skill points in total. But these skill points are different from the skill points you've mentioned. These skill points are only used to boost damage of certain skills.