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  1. Warlock bracelet for second(shadow) spec has the old text on it and it doesn't proc for me..anybody else having the same issue?
  2. New player question about weapon

    Warlock does benefit from seraph more because it gives you a shorter cooldown on your leech(f) which is the main skill to use for warlock to activate his rotation.(I'm a warlock main) Warden too benefits from seraph because of your Blade Ward(V) skill that you want to have active as much time as possible as it gives you immunity to some attacks and also elemental damage. Honestly it doesen't really matter what you choose between bale or seraph because in two weeks of farming(probably less) you will upgrade to the next tier. Keep in mind you can also swap between the two at any time by using void fragments.
  3. Did NC actually say that somewhere?cause if they didn't it could be a last minute suprise.Wouldn't be the first time anyway.
  4. What i really want to know is if we are getting our exp back by having our levels increased.
  5. Are the servers down atm?

    oh ok ty :P
  6. i can't log in and couldn't find any announcements so i'm wondering..
  7. New bug?Maybe..

    Ok so i'm at mushin's wings and after the second video the game freezes at loading screen and then it dissconects me..after the dc i'm back outside the mushin wings and everything else is normal except for when i try to play the video again to progress..i've tried like 5-6 times..i let the vid play through and i tried cutting it with esc but the resault is the same..:/
  8. Well..my client works fine now idk how..!BUT!BUT!When i go on to put the code it says account authentication error and closes..like WTF ncsoft pls q.q is it supposed to be that hard to play this game? And now the launcher is stuck again at 0..
  9. That's what im looking up now but cant find much still
  10. Ok..anyways thanks for the feedback
  11. I can't find those files he sais tho x.x maybe im just bad..did u have the same problem?And does that work for you?
  12. Well i belive they still can't figure out what is causing this..hopefuly someone who does will answer.. I actually managed to play the game just now by doing the file repair manualy..but then the game froze when i tried to change area and i restated the launcher.It's the same shit again:/
  13. So since the last patch i am encountering this problem with the launcher.Every time i try to open it it gets stuck when it's about to download repair files.There was just one time that the download completed in aprox 2-3 minuites..Although i have not been able to connect to the game since then.HALP!