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Micro freezes nearly every second...


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Hey guys,

i'm playing B&S since 2 days now and made myself a Lyn with one of the newest tails (the ninetails one, which doesn't matter since it's happening with all of them, I tested it). While I was playing I noticed that I get about every second a micro freeze, whereby my tail(s) and my ears bug really hard (they fly into all directions like crazy...).

My PC specs are as follows:

i7-4770 @3,4 GHz

16 GB RAM DDR3 2100 MHz

Geforce GTX 1060

Win10 64 Bit

The workload while playing (while chrome is opened):

CPU: 35-40%

RAM: 60-70%

I already turned on triplebuffering in the Nvidia system control panel also my Intel graphics card is disabled.

Even if I turn on the "Optimized for Low-End PC" mode I still get those micro freezes.

I got a 400k internet connection, so that shouldn't be the problem (I'm playing on Europe server).

Two weird things to mention are:

If I go into another area my tail and ears act normally for a few seconds (about 3) and then act crazy again, which even happens like that if I get out of the dialog of a NPC. The second weird thing is, if I just stand around and my Lyn is idling, my tail is twitching up a few millimeters (or pixel, whatever you prefer) around every second.


I really hope someone can help me here with that problem, cause that's a bit annoying and won't be good for later PvP. If you can't imagine what I mean with all of that just let me know and I will capture it on a video to show you what I mean.

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9 hours ago, Grimoir said:

sounds like a game files problem, so maybe reinstall / repair will help. Asside thatit might be something else interferring like antivirus or windows defender...

I already used the file repair tool. I will try to reinstall it now. As Antivirus I'm using Avast, Windows Defender is disabled (Antivirus).

Edit: Nope, reinstalling didn't help.

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Okay, I just made a Video to show the bug and uploaded it to YouTube.

I hope someone know what to do or what the cause of that could be.

I even made another race with long hair and there is the same problem/bug with the long hair.

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The ear issue is not an issue its a result of the stutters. Can you post a SS of your nvidia settings  and in game settings? do you use gforce experience?

Some setting or program you have running is interferring with the game for it to stutter like that.

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I was in contact with the support and they wanted a Log file generated by HijackThis. So I started B&S and for some odd reason the bug was gone. I have 2 Monitors standing here and my Chrome Browser was closed for the Log file. As soon as I opened my Chrome Browser, the Bug came instantly back and after I closed it again its gone. So the problem here is Chrome, I will try to reinstall Chrome and if that doesn't work, I will try out other browsers like Firefox and Edge. When I got results, I will post them here to let others know in the future.

Thanks so far for helping me here. That's what I call Community!

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