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Gear prioritization


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Hey guys i've been away from the game for few months... I got a fire gunner with only the tiger bracelet, but i have no idea what gear to focus on after that... with the new patch i noticed some changes but i'm not sure what to get next... can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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BT ring + earing, Oath necklace will do for now unless you can get VT necklace. Belt is whatever, eternity is fine for pve currently, skyshatter is better but not that easy to get. get 2 SSM gloves and merge them to awekened, or if u can farm legendary gloves from HH, do so.

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To make sure that you understand IAmWho's statement better (as they way s/he listed the equipment, it can be quite misleading).

The accessories/gear you should prioritize is (listed from importance):

1. Weapon.

2. Tiger/Dragon Bracelet.

3. BT accessories.

4. Eternity Belt.

5. Oath Necklace.


You would want to get your weapon to at least Stage 10 or Raven Stage 1/3. After that, focus on getting your Tiger/Dragon Bracelet to at least Stage 6 or 9. After that, focus on getting your BT accessories to Stage 3, 6 (max Bracelet, Belt to Stage 3, Raven Stage 3 min.) then Stage 9. Then you'll want to focus your Belt to Stage 3/6. Leave your necklace at Stage 1 or 3 if you want - it's not worth upgrading. 
When you've got your BT accessories to at least Stage 6, you can decide what to upgrade, your soul to at least Stage 6 or continue focusing on your attention/effort the BT accessories/Weapon.

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