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  1. Locksmith's Bundle

    Tbh i want em to either gives us another Call of arms bundle or let us buy it... I got it on the wrong character and i couldnt move on after that..
  2. Whenever i enter F8 and i'm inthe lobby the game decides to freeze for no apparent reason and it stays like that till a open the task manager then comes back.. then freezes again once i close the task manager.. anyone knows how to fix this? PS. its not freezing anywhere else
  3. KFM fire Opinion

    I'm fairly new to the game and i'd like to hear veterans opinion on the Fire KFM spec... I do undertand that Wind does alot more damage but for me Fire feels better and i perform better with it, should i be worried in the future about it bein weaker? ( i will play fire anyways regarless i just wanna hear some intakes, pros and cons )
  4. Gear prioritization

    Hey guys i've been away from the game for few months... I got a fire gunner with only the tiger bracelet, but i have no idea what gear to focus on after that... with the new patch i noticed some changes but i'm not sure what to get next... can anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. What to do after level 55?

    Well, seems hard to gear up, ppl either leave the group or i get kicked out. even on normal dungeons. Takin a while to do 10 dungeons especially... Game also seems a bit money hungry for new comers
  6. What to do after level 55?

    Just hit level 55, bought the hollow acessories to start with, atm im just doing dailies but i wanna know more, like what badge or soul badge to get... What legendary acess i should be getting first? Stuff like that, i'm super new to the game and i have no one to help me understand the game as fast. Reading random stuff isn't helping or videos because most are for ppl that are playing for along time and know most of the stuff.
  7. There's probably tons of questions about this, so instead of wasting time gathering all of that i'd rather ask right away for advices on what ppl usually focus on after finishing the story, im currently level 50 and lvl 5 hongmoon, still finishing the story, So what can ppl advice me to do? Im completely new so explain stuff easy to understand.
  8. Dont think its that empty, i just started the game and startin area and areas till like level 20-30 had pretty nice amount of ppl walkin around. Can't say anythin about the rest tho.
  9. Soul Fighter release date?

    So probably this has been asked millions of times. i saw that big image saying Q2... but that isn't exactly accurate.. anyone knows when exactly? another question, from what ive searchin, soul fighters can heal? because thats a plus for me
  10. Randomly Drop DRAW STANCE

    im currently level 32 and this has been happenin to me with WL aswell, either the target resets or forces me out of combat, with my blade dancer aswell. its either a bug or we're missing something.
  11. I am Doing something wrong?

    you're completely right, problem is avoiding isn't enough, we have to count the constant game lag. like now for example, i was trying to solo Ukala, for some godly reason, he was hitting me when i was miles away, or ending animations... i solo'ed him with just ease with other classes, with this one i couldn't. i guess ill wait for higher levels, but with mobs and leveling its a so much fun, almost one shot anything.
  12. I am Doing something wrong?

    Are Blade Dancers suppose to be this squishie? i mean i rarely get hit, but when i do i barely survive even from 1 mob. im only level 28, and the soulshields are barely giving me any HP, why is that? how come BD's have to be this squishie compared to other classes? (FIY got more classes at 45) just decided to try one out since its a new patch
  13. This question probably has been anwsered hundred of times, but tbh im stuck on which one to choose. ive reached level 49 with my WL, but somehow its feeling bit sluggish and i feel like playing a swordman class. which one of these do you guys think its fun ? i know that BM is tanky and BD is more damage, but still i feel like asking opinions since i haven't played both at a high level. just don't wanna feel like im doing no damage.
  14. Looking for a guide/small explanation

    What do i need to unlock further dungeons?, only one i seem to be able to do is Blackram supply chain. and the siren belt seems to be a bad % to drop. how often does it drop?
  15. So guys this is probably the 1000th ull see a post like this. So im currently level 47. been leveling with only the story quests, i was wondering if its enough to get to lvl 50? Another thing is about items. if theres like a post or w/e that tells me exactly where to get the items i need to progress in the game with no problems. i know the game is very grindy and time consuming but knowing this info will help me save some time. if anyone doesnt mind making a small guide/explanation of what to do when i hit lvl 50. FIY i was a fresh level 45 so no siren/pirate or bracelets/belts, only a profane weapon thats it.