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  1. How about elemental gems? Will they become free to exchange as well?
  2. Well, this solution worked for so many people so far including me on all the machines I’ve been using. Really hope the support team can see this and act upon it.
  3. Glad it worked, you are welcome :)
  4. if it's not under device manager, then bluetooth is probably not installed on your computer :/
  5. Well, 30 jewels are like 600g flat or 300g+450 crystals. Check the upgrade cost, if it is less than 600g or 300g if you consider crystals are free (?) then go ahead, I think it is really cheap to do so
  6. Let's talk about Attack Power in 2018

    High AP doesn't mean more dps, Yeah we all agree. But, High AP means you are at least on a higher chance of being experienced in certain dungeons, When a 900 come in, everyone knows this is a new player (if he has a row of hepta+ gems, in this case, we consider them as alts and may know many mechs). This is highly biased, but with higher AP, most of those high AP's will have enough Accuracy and Critics, even elemental damage, because you have no way to have an enormous high AP if you are on baleful. We do agree that there are a lot of inexperienced noob whales out there with 1.2k+ AP but knows nothing, well, their high dps will cause the dungeon to finish earlier and faster, hence less mechs need to be aware of. In summary: If you think it is not fair for them to kick you when you have a low AP (because you know mech and have high dps), Why don't you just create a new lobby and recruit players with the similar gears as you then do the dungeon together? If you considered yourself as having enough dps, then 6 of your gear should also be enough to pass the dungeon with no difficulties.
  7. How to farm Naryu Tablets?

    Shogun's Lament and down, I believe they should all drop Naryu Tablets.
  8. Why would You skip updates......
  9. Sandstorm Temple stun bug

    After he casts judge and grabs someone, we all used stun and we even heard the stun sound effect, but the bars are still black and assumed we didn't stun. We tried multiple times, and it has the same issue...... It is impossible to pass this dungeon this way what should we do???
  10. I was wondering, how did you guys know that he was on third party?

    wtf is 800% aggro? HM level threat point means + 100% but not doubling what you have Fire KFM uses a lot of comet strike, which damage generates 3 times the agro and it refreshes a lot, a 100k dps KFM can hold agro over my bm when I was on over 200k dps, when we both have equal aggro equiped
  12. Agro and Dps

    No worries man, just put 1.1k first, then switch them back when you enter, no one would care much once you are in. #screw those ap biased peoples, dps is really not just ap....
  13. Agro and Dps

    Threat means, how the boss is interested in you, normal damage to the boss will gain his interest in you, 200k dps means his interest in you is increased by 200k per second! However you can use threat from spells to increase your chant by 200% more! so which means on 200k dps, his interest in you is 200k+200k*200%=600k!!! Now he is even more in love with you, even though someone will do 400k dps, but his interest in you is 600k regardless you still on 200k dps. Now with HM levels, you can now put 100% further!! so in summary every damage you do, will increase his interest by 4x that amount (800k in your 200k case). This is just a quick explanation, the boss interest into someone is based on the total chant you expressed to the boss on your current life (so when you die, all his interest in you will be cleared, however, you can always regain them back slowly since you are more attractive and with 4x the interest) Back to the topic, why do you lose his interest even if you have the threat on? Bah! for instance if your dps is 200k and after 4x is 800k dps, someone who stole your threat may have dealt 800.0001k dps or anything more than 800k, yes more than that as flat damage, believe it or not, maximum gear can even reach 2mil dps burst, so it's not a surprise. Or, the guy is so kinky and was jealous about the boss loves you more than him, so he may have turned the HM level threat on, so he has a 2x multiplier, and if he has better gears and is dealing 500k dps, although it is lower than your total 800k, but he had that 2x multiplier, so he is actually expressing his love by 1000k or 1 mil to the boss. Hope you will understand this
  14. Am I the only one?

    This only applies when you die right after you engaged the boss, if the boss is almost dead, everyone will understand this bug where pressing 4 will make you lose your quest, just yell out res me please after the boss is dead, I don't think they will still kick you or leave you there dead.
  15. radiant ring gems

    or just sell the pouch for minimum profit, but I don't think people still buy them anymore since we are all using gem powders these days.