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  1. No, not me, Who didn't kill blade and soul, Who is innocent.
  2. The incomparable combat system, period.
  3. Myself as a tank most of the time, hate bds the most. Why? Because out of 10 bds, 9 of them would go in and engage the boss first before the actual tank goes in, after 3 seconds of fight, the threat returned to the actual tank, and the bd was not even on the dps meter. This applies to most bd, but does not apply to the ones with high gears who can over threat a lot. However, the top geared people generally have a good understanding about the “Tank goes in first” since they do high tier raids a lot. Most importantly, if you are not doing a lot of dps and you rush in first, you are not helping a
  4. That's why, 32 bit crashes a lot due to memory leak. I tried 32 bit because it is known to have higher fps, but it causes you to crash once the memory of Client.exe exceeds 1.5gb I think, especially in 12man parties or crowded areas, you crash more often. Stick with 64bit, no crash at all.
  5. NCs, What are your solution to this issue? I myself as a Bns veteran is really confused about your actions, banning exploiters while allowing people to exploit more. If you are banning the exploiters, why don't you just remove the NPC, or fix the cost of Moontide to stop them from exploiting in the first place? I really loved BnS, and put tons of hope into this game, I believed you could bring us UE4, I believed you could fix the codings so we don't have fps drops in a raid, I believed you could bring us more and better events. You promised us about UE4, we waited and waited, I ho
  6. It was great to make Sword Shroud available during a violent blade for both spirit and singing blade, it won't cause a large dps drop due to switching back to normal stance when using Hongmoon block. However, the long skill animation of Dragon Tongue and Honed Slash can make the violent blade hard to cast, sometimes, if we one tap f, it won't be activated because the cd from the long animation prevented it from getting used, as a result we had to constantly tapping f to use this skill. Now if we want to just block a yellow attack by tap it vigorously, it triggers Sword Shroud when we don't nee
  7. I got an item called "3 grand celestial wings" from a lamp, yes an item called that, this is not a stack of 3, and is not usable at all. As shown in the picture below. I have 13 wings next to it, I can neither stack this "3 grand celestial wings" to those 13 nor open this item to obtain 3 wings. https://ibb.co/v4kjGcy
  8. And the charms aren't enough to upgrade everything
  9. It appears that they have added certain updates, like Fire/Light BM's z sundering sword and whirling scourge to reduce tab's cd, which was from the old courage soul badge. However they did not update Courage soul badge to increase boss ap...... but none of these was mentioned in the patch notes.
  10. It seems like you only care about PVP, there are also a lot of PVE updates...... I'm assuming they are not coming soon? (although I was expecting them to be in this patch as well)
  11. I wonder if you could implement a "carry" function in F8, where the party leader can assign someone as "the carried", the carried person will get normal/fewer dynamic, the "carriers" will get some bonus, for example, for each "carried" in the party, the "carriers" will get 1 bonus scale fragment. etc, but to be fair, the carrieds, they get one less scale fragment. example: 5 carriers and 1 carried, the carriers get 4 frags each, the carried gets 2 or 3 4 carriers and 2 carried, the carriers get 5 frags each, the carried gets 2 or 3 so and so on Hint: if you have the potenti
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