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Sin - VT Mystic Badge


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Hy guys. I`m  shadow sin, Divine Bracelet (10)  BT accesories (3) , Vt neck (3), Awakened soul,Aransu Mystic Badge.

Here u have my bns-tree-character



The question IS !

Until today i used Skyrift Soul Badge and my burst in f12 was around 340k

With Aransu Mystic Badge is 350-max 360. This is all the difference ????

550% atack power on chaos strike....this is all ??? 


When i start combo 4(bomb) + v(buff) + 4(ligthing rood) + rmb

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Aransu mystic badge is not for burst, it's for stable dps.

I advise you to get from this event ascending soul also buy a  tiger bracelet stage 1, and glory soulbadge.

You should see difference in rotation, rather than burst, but you can keep the soul and that drivine dragon bracelet for doing contents like TOI/TA which I find dragon bracelet very useful in that situation as you need to burst them fast for higher floors.

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