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  1. Hello mate. My main is a SIN and i "tried" some other characters. What can i say about Sin, damn dude it`s AMAZING :x, you are next to mobs, evade, hit,evade hit, can feel the "fight" . You can play multiple roles with sin in party raids.( u can do party save with decoy ) You can chose between Dark and Light builds Dark - BURST + nice dps overall Light - in stealth ( little hard in raids ) + constant DPS + u need low PING I played both of them, i prefer Dark If u want something new try Gunner....it`s the easiest class in my opinion. :D
  2. Hello. I`m a main shadow sin, end gear....and i want to make a gunner ( i have one hm12) ...i would like to know main diferences between shadow/ fire build....like dps/mechanics Also i would like some tips about bracelets and Badges/souls etc :) Thank you:)
  3. Both of them are good, depends what u like :D
  4. Light : - no burst, but sustain dps - u need to stay in Stealth mode ALWAYS - rotation : V(buff) RMB+F +4(and after RMB+F until 4 reset) - more Movement speed Dark: - high BURST, low sustain dps - NO need to stay in stealth - Rotation 4(choke bomb) + v(buff) +4(lighting rood, go out of stealth) -> RMB for 10 sec -> 4 -> RMB+F ( u need always 5 staks of poison on boss) -not so high mobility as stealth U can see the diference in those 2 builds when u are lvl 55 and u have Bracelet+soul+badge
  5. Hy. U think i`l do more dps with Tiger Bracelet + Glory Badge?
  6. well i receive 350% more AP on RMB....that 350 means 20k???
  7. Hy guys. I`m shadow sin, Divine Bracelet (10) BT accesories (3) , Vt neck (3), Awakened soul,Aransu Mystic Badge. Here u have my bns-tree-character https://bnstree.com/character/eu/PufyUfy The question IS ! Until today i used Skyrift Soul Badge and my burst in f12 was around 340k With Aransu Mystic Badge is 350-max 360. This is all the difference ???? 550% atack power on chaos strike....this is all ??? When i start combo 4(bomb) + v(buff) + 4(ligthing rood) + rmb
  8. Kaizoku95


    Hy man. It depends what u like. Both are good I was light until 2 weeks ago because on end content they force u to use Arcana build and i don`t like it....that`s why i switched to dark. And i could mentain Stealth on all dungeons. Both are good, depends what u like to play.
  9. Hello. i play dark sin. What bracellet do i need and why ?
  10. Kaizoku95


    go light, more easy at begening
  11. Hello i`m sin and soon i will have VT items. I have tried both light / dark build. I know that LIGHT does more dps than DARK....is that true ? because dark have also BB reduction and idk how can LIGHT still do more dps. What is best choice to play sin at his maximum potential...light or dark. pls tell me :D
  12. Kaizoku95


    Guys...i was in my game..and from nowhere...crash...and when i try to log i receive XINCODE error....any help? ???
  13. Hy. I`m sin and i would like to learn the "dark path of the sins". Can u please link an updated video ( i can`t find a proper one with badges and bracers )...or if there is any pro sin around here can u explain my your rotation and what BUFF do u receive / use ? or at least PM me please so we can talk more ? Thanks AP : 1031 SS : all BT+crit Weapon :Raven stage 3 BT : both ring and neck lvl3 Bracellet : TIger lvl6 Belt : Eternity lvl 5 Holy fire and Revelation badges Soul lvl 8 Pet aura 1
  14. Hy. My name is Pufy , this is my acc and i`m searching for a friendly VT / SK raid. I`m always on discord and in game. AP : 1031 SS : all BT+crit Weapon :Raven stage 3 BT : both ring and neck lvl3 Bracellet : TIger lvl6 Belt : Eternity lvl 5 Holy fire and Revelation badges Soul lvl 8 Pet aura 1
  15. Hy. I`m sin...1021 AP... light accesories from BT ( both of them lvl 3 ) ...Divine Bracelet lvl 3....balefull 12. I am using Holy Fire Soul Badge and Mystic Badge.... I want to switch on Dark build...i know at some point i will be able to RMB+F. But i want to know if i can play Dark Build with my current Bracellet and Badges or i need to swap them and WHY. ANy advice is welcomed :D
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