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  1. just do your dailies and all and you should get your wepaon soul and pet.
  2. why do you have 3 fleeting items at stage 5? why can you use your brain and think more on maxing one item first? no way you have work with that mind set. If you did story you should get enough emblems to get your weapon riftwlak/dawnforge to stage 3 then you focsu on getting pet which is like only 50 emblems and they are obtainable by doing weekleis, dailies and f10 and don't forget about cold storage then once you have your pet you go for the soul.
  3. Hair Change Voucher

    -1 make npc for it instead, like they have a cat npc to change they cat apperance, why shouldn't we have one?
  4. How to walk on the wall ?

    Chapter 26 and you should get the purple letter in your quest letters.
  5. HM Pellet(Crimson)Yura server

    selling an easy item to milk new players... wack.
  6. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    +1 there should be one and you should all stop saying " they will lose a lot of money on it" when clearly every mmo has that.
  7. login reward would be nice. instead of those treasure pouches that give less than 1 dungeon they could put outfit adorments etc
  8. Naksun Badge -> Moonstonecrystals

    1 badge 1 moonstone crystal*
  9. assassin(heartstab shadow), kfm, bm(lightning), destroyer (pvp wise)

    join a faction that have cooler looking outfit.
  11. A challenge to the development team...

    I challange them to ask Tencent for client files.
  12. after they made venture tokens at toi for top 100 only, they clearly made this as a message for f2p players.. now they are making it cleaner that they don't want f2p players in this game.