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  1. Producer switch good or bad ?

    it will all depend on the impact we will have when new mmos will be released in 2019 then we will see it
  2. Blade&Soul Activity

    how did it dropped? 2 f2p players that loved the game left the game, then it influenced other friends and those friends got affected by other friends and it spreaded like a virus. (probably not but lol) VRChat have the most player base atm btw.
  3. pvp is deadin this game no matter how much you love it you might aswell just ask for a spar with random or friend in f8 lobby ABOUT 6v6 well it's not a PVP anymore but a PvE so forget about that one, the only PVP content that you should be looking forward to is Battle Royale Mode it's known to be not a GEAR based pvp but same like arena but FFA which is something me andm y friends been waiting for as for now pvp is no longer a thing in this game trust me, you can spar for fun and that's it.
  4. if there is still no ue4 or any lag fixes then it's not looking exciting
  5. we had the anniversary with the embelms like nebula stones to cheaper the costs so next one will be soul or pet then it will be all together I bet.
  6. Yes it's worth it. The skill might be reworked but we still have out skills and some skills will be reworked but as we have hm skills unlocked we will get them passed on to the new skill tree of reworked skills.
  7. FeedBack

    if you mean another event upgrading soul, then wait patiently they will have some this year for sure. This event rightn ow that we had gave some upgrading emblems to hop with weapon stages, so I am assuming next event is a soul one or pet one and then there will be another even probably that has wep pet and soul for you.
  8. it's my alt bm just for tanking it looks bad but it saved and prevented MANY bt trap raids on last boss.
  9. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Pay 2 not be outskilled by f2p player. Pay 2 have advantage over f2p content/players. Pay 2 Not farm because I have a life. pretty much
  10. you mean like this?
  11. Giving items between ur characters

    Account Bound F3 would fix it
  12. Unreal Engine 4

    ue4 difference will be that bns will be no longer here when ue4 will be out for us
  13. Launcher start up time

    ye it's cause the game likes to think you are away when you go to change character select screen, and also even with my 2012 build I happen to run BDO better than BnS for some reaosn but the combat in that game is so bad.