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  1. How about reviving old content?

    yea but those are instances that are for that, but invasions I am talking about are like something like this there is a GM, there are people and the gm spawns 2 bosses near a town or inside a town, now imagine in bns an event where gm summons a Raven King at Jadestone Village that has more hp and removed the pizza/punishments/adds mechs phase only keeps his normal rotation attacks, that way people have fun killing it, and the drop could be the one that participated and did damage gets an rng box to obtain random amount of gold? this would probably be laggy asf but maybe the new engine?
  2. Daily Dash scam - Math wizards please read

    When you roll 1 and that's all you need for venture token, but that 1 turns out to be 2... good it's patched tho.
  3. How about reviving old content?

    give us invasions of random world bosses/dungeon bosses or raid bosses that require no mechs and just dps? like random raven king at bamboo village for example, or mushin, that would be actually interesting and new to see.
  4. draw stance on bd and bms look like they hold something when attacking but there is nothing, so maybe there is a sheat for bm/bd but hidden?
  5. Hongmoon Emerald Gem Exchange?

    I don't think they will ad every gem for gem powder, they did with amber cause it's pvp gem and they want everyone to be able to obtain it in both ways I think, unlike emerald it's good in both pve and pvp so maybe that's why it's only obtainable by energies? idk
  6. or instead of having the dagger located above our butts, could we change where it appears? like have it on a leg/arm or something? that would be nice to see on new engine atleast.
  7. Someone please explain....

    the best update is that we have a legendary item in the game right now, but we can't use it LOL (the bracelet) and my truth and honest FACT is that the best update we had is that F3 is for everyone and that we can use Dragon Stream/Pulse when in combat mode.
  8. AAHH as I was playing it poped up randomly in the middle of the screen and I clicked Restart in a middle of dungeon -_- then waited 2 hours for the update and I see some fps drops but I anm used to playing at low frames, still I do notice lag more often.
  9. I agree on solar energies, why do they put square gems if we can't transmute them... they are useless there, they are jebating you to buy something to waste your currency...
  10. Rising Soul Event.

    recording each try, results are really interesting with this one..
  11. Can we get these as a weapon skin?

    china just doesn't care and does what it wants lul
  12. SUGGESTION: Nerf Arena Season Rewards.

    the reason why I started to do pve more than pvp, lel bunch of alts queueing up at same time and wintrade to take top30 spots ain't gucci. sigh... also the ms spikes in EU IKR, they don't even play the game, so they wouldn't know if some classes are broken or not, or if TOI bots are fair or unfair.
  13. Suggestions for a better game

    can someone give me tl;dr version? ty
  14. Can we get these as a weapon skin?

    they probably are, but in China they are used differently that's why their ap is not finalized?
  15. Gaming pc

    buy that, call IT guy to build it for him, done.