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  1. Listen your voice please.

    But you will never be able to catch up to people that have max soul pet aura and maxed gems, because the game is scuffed now. There is no balance and gear gap as I said is too big between f2p casual and p2w. we should have never gotten another raid, 12man BT was enough for this game, after that VT Gear and the badge started the gear gating. Having more damage to clear content is okay, but they did not think about how the badges would affect PvP.
  2. Listen your voice please.

    What broke the requirement for doing content is not the arrogance of elitists but highr tier gems, soul, and pets. Soon the heart and that brain item will be the next thing. Those items are unable to upgrade unless you decide to swipe and get it max. It's not about making it easier to gear up for players, because that does not imply in bns, you can simply buy gold and then from gold you buy mats and you upgrade everything in 1 day or 2 that's the big problem. The gap between f2p, casual players and p2w is just too big now that there is no point in gearing up as you wont catch up to that gear and be top notch. Here's how As a f2p player I grinded my way and as I was close to end game gear content, they decide to release another raid when not everyone could do it accept those that p2w their way. We get content to early for people with aransu/raven to catch up to TT gear and as we people will start getting TT gear they will release another raid called ET or something and that will put once again f2p and casual players in back as the p2w will just have the advantage over the gear gap. Same applies to pvp, back in 45 patch or no even later back when max weapon was Bale/Seraph Stage 4 you could still complete fairly with a True Breeze or Oathbreaker if you knew the class and match up, and now you can't even land a combo before some other guy will just desintegrate your health bar in 6v6 and ow pvp wise that is no longer the good old pvp that we had back in misty woods but more of a show off on how fast you can 1 shoot eachother. Not only VT will die if this keeps uo but eventually the game it self.
  3. Where are we now?

    what do you mean by that? it's simply asking a request for a simple post that will happen in the future and if not then well then nothing, right? Where are you getting at with the bad word of mounth from? I don't understand you cricket.
  4. Listen your voice please.

    Mechanics are not the problem or issue it's the efficienty to form a 12 man group instead of a 6 man party. They could reuse a content like Naryu Lab or Sundered Nexusu which requires less time to form a group to go in with and not to wait over 3 hours for people to join or whine about gear and eventually trap in or not accomplish anything in the time that you've spent creating an alliance. Asking for TT gear to get TT gear is just absurd made requirement by the people that don't know how the requirements work in this game. Take a look at NS it used to 700-750+ then it spiked to 850/950+ because of enrage timer and story provided you with that which is fine, but now you need 1.2k because of what? People set up stupid requirements, I don't say that getting 1.2k is hard but asking for 1.2k for NS is just a joke... This event could be handled better indeed but that's not going to happen because they simply don't care anymore, dedicating more into useless patches and cosmetics it's fine but not fixing bugs inside the game AND optimizing it for ONCE would be to smart for them to do. Now the girding part, looking for a 12man takes twice as long as looking for a 6 man, so the time you find a 12man will be the time where you would want to stop playing the game because it took you over 3 or 4 hours to form an alliane of 12man, including that it would make your farm for the even less efficient and it would also put you back with your precious time. I don't run anymore Lair,Soguns as i already got my 1k runs through farming hard when those dungeons gave something good like GOLD and Materials or Pouches, as of now the old content is scraped off like a meet off a kebab at my corner store. and no I do not see what you are hinting at, story provides you with Lucent gear, you don't need to farm, now do you see what I am getting at? We could have an awesome event by reusing OLD good CONTENT like Sundered Nexsus, Naryu Lab to use those instead of the content that is very hated and became dead when everyone got their soulshields and they decided to give the soulshields by story because dead content LOL. Now you see what I am hinting at? the game is no longer Blade&Soul that it used to be.
  5. Listen your voice please.

    PoV from players that understand whats wrong. New event flashed everywhere. Then new players that would like to participate in the event that just got to Raven gear or below But arrogant people that accept TT gear only for msp 1-6 or 5-6 (so basically you need TT gear to get TT gear logic of requirements these days.) The people that are gear locked can't join them awesome parties to gear up end up spending hours wiping on stage 5 or 6 Resulting in either making them to leave the game and making bns have bad influance or reddit/forum posts and facts about how the game state looks like to them. Resulting into a drama, because sadly the event is not for everyone. Now I have no idea why they decided to use old dead content to buff it up and make it give last raid soulshields where they could reuse old dungeons the old moonwater content that was much more reasonable to use than the first ever raid that many people disliked it cause it's hard to find a group as the game bleeding with player base.
  6. Where are we now?

    can you do me a favor and make another post ONCE they merge EU and NA into 1 big server cause it will happen soon and yes it is possible.
  7. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    me and my clan and a lot of associated clans also don't play anymore but I agree that they need to do something before CASUAL players and Free To Play will leave this game and what will be left is like 50 people that play only because they feel too invested to leave the game by the money and the time they've spent. It's 2019 and it's just the 4th month and new upcomming mmos will probably get players from bns by their first impressions, if they don't do anything about the game and the status it is right now not to mention hackers? *cough* *cough* lv29 sum top 1v1 *cough* *cough* then the game will surely not survive 2020.
  8. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    you want bns players to be only p2w?
  9. Well a suggestion that I would like to see implemented is to move the rewards from the unity system to the achievement system so that it would reward the players with already earned achievement points, the players that return to the game with their already obtained achievement points and the new players obtaining achievements as the go along the story.
  10. Good bye BNS.

    Good bye BnS, it's been good 7 years to be part of Hongmoon clan. o/
  11. and here I thought that removing venture tokens from ToI was bad enough.
  12. they mentioned that they would remove it.
  13. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    this game can't be saved, unless we get ue4 quickly and remove this awakening that's totally not needed, what we need is performance fixes and les of that p2w crap.
  14. Lyn Warden, YAY!

    it's bad.
  15. Unreal Engine 4?

    Mobile Phone