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  1. Guild Outfit

    you hella wrong, it's expensive cause they forgot to ADJUST old prices, I understand this beign expensive at the release but now they should lower the costs and the costs of upgrading a clan rank.
  2. cannot dodge or block in time

    Q/E is your iframe, time it right and you can avoid getting hit practice in f12 also there is a position lag going on if you are going to move away from an attack, you need to do either SS or move and jump to unpossition lag yourself, that way you can avoid some attacks that would still hit you even tho you are not in the area of the attack indicator.
  3. Guild Outfit

    and you know whats funny, even if you want to make another outfit with that SAME colour you have to pay AGAIN yes AGAN for that same colour... becuase they don't want us to make unlocked colours useable again cause that would be smart. I defo agree that the clan outfits are expensive to make a basic one alone costs like 1k-5k gold which is already a joke, and if you have like 5 members in clan and you are the only one that have access to some what decent income out of these 5 members, while the 4 of them are like not even done with story line then how would they beable to just buy 4 of those materials for 120g each as they don't have a way to make gold, or farm that and they don't want to spend real money for it. But ofcourse this issue will be ingored as it's not major for some part of community, because it's benefiting ncsoft more.
  4. Element

    frost wl was always toping shadow, what you mean. and for "kong fu" master wind was always toping fire. fire was only used for kfm when the skill tree could go hybrid, you could mix elements that was nice.
  5. Warden???

    eh people call lyns rats and some classes go by bm, des, destro, beyblade, sin, asa, assa, sf, ress, healer, bd, lbd, sum, scum, gun, gs, gunner, reset, lock, wl, sb. most likely people will call this class either afk tank or just tank.
  6. Regarding Designer Thread

    I doubt that they would let us have access to rng box to begin with we don't even have access to those outfits to salvage them.
  7. What do I do with leftover souls and pet auras?

    keep the old pet aura and soul, don't waste your resources on it.
  8. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    don't get your hopes up they will cut the details just like they did on Night Luna and Regium Corvus
  9. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    be happy you getting free cool outfit
  10. if the loot system would be same like in dungeons for the raid, we would have people milking eachother.
  11. Just happens this today

    anyone else? even when I switch characters it does this sometimes and it started today. this is not on my end too.
  12. Help with prestige points.

    Within these level ranges you get prestige points from these faction locations. Viridian Coast lv10 Cinderlands Lv20 Cinderlands Desert Lv25 Cinderlands RR Lv30 Moonwater Beach Outpost Lv35 Moonwater Misty Woods Lv45 Soulstone Plains Lv50 (scaled to 55)
  13. +1 it's about time vt neck and aransu stage 3 > 6 be nerfed.
  14. another good reason why I have like 300 keys laying around at bank and waiting to use them when they either fix 6v6 or make 1v1 give the box.
  15. How about new players...

    I think with that gear, you wouldn't struggle unless you would find elitists that want to be carried or have fast run, as for ou with no exp and that gear you would have to do some dungeons and understand how your class works and at same time learn rotations of the bosses to repeat the dungeons more often for your draken cores. Which would be almost nearly impossible with todays community in f8...