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  1. 5 classes if you include wl, but what they do is they reuse old animations from the npcs/mobs and make them into playable classes what really is happening is that ncsoft just takes whatever kr gives and putsi nto your client making it more unstable and not up-to-date with our current gold rate/damage. Take example this event the merchant of wonders that everyone complains, all nc west did was just put the kr event and pricing into here, while at korea the daily gold gain is more so it's normal for then that the pricing is like that but here it's a bit too much so that's why people complained a
  2. pvp was messed up cause of the awakening patch and over ninethousand tiers for soul/pet/whatever there is blocked by p2w wall. Back when there was only like 10 soul stages that was plenty, they should leave it at that as it was manageable with events and it wasn't giving too big advantage in geared pvp.
  3. they say it will be for lyn because they do that for every new class, thank god destroyer and sin is not polluted by that pleauge, even tho people modded the animations are there in the client but it's for every character race model.
  4. people made it use all cores and it still shutters with lowest graphics.
  5. friend drew it when I farmed zaiwei ruins endlessly for bully hair style
  6. it's easy just swipe for dyed gems, oils, petpacks legendary elements/jewels and you should be able to do stage 10 np
  7. there should be a stylist in game an npc that lets you change it for coup of gold, no need for any voucher system, also the idles animations could be for achivement points or something like getting a poharan/junsang/mushin/junghado animations after beating them or something?
  8. if the event will give automatically max soul max talisman max heart and dayed gems then yea sure.
  9. the animations are not new, they are recycled. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4f/3f/d4/4f3fd4095c0c6bb1bdc3a6ed4cc704b3.jpg something like this?
  10. maybe that will be for the good and hopefully they will think of other way make this game worthy of playing or spending money on.
  11. what a fun event for everyone to enjoy. totally not p2w event doable exclusive to all players
  12. the new classes like gunner/warrior is another reason why pvp died, bkac when we WL and SF was out it wasnt op until some skill patches, but gunner and warrior, the day the come out is when the players go out of the game. PvP is long gone, geared pvp is no longer a battle of skill vs patience but more of if your a whale or not. Also the new skill tree is already a killer towards some builds that go would go with pvp, you are limited with different path and locked skills on that. What's not dead in this game is the players that bother to play this and make points on forum on what could (Should)
  13. pvp died in this game, the pvp comunity left a long time ago
  14. UE4 will not improve the game, it will make it just bloom, glow, sparkle and shine more. Under no circumstances will it give more fps, most likely it will ask higher requirements instead.
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