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Ground ripple


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Hi everyone.

I'm a new player, now 20 lv char. And I'm little confused because I still didn't learn title skill (the description shows that it is a skill for 10 lv). Am I miss sth, idk quest or sth?'m asking here because I did not find an answer on the internet, and nobody answered me on the chat.Thanks for replies.

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thought you could change after skillbook which should be 16 ish
Ground ripple is your 3 right?
It's a level 30 skill ... you're level 20 chill. Rework shifted it to 10 so if it doesnt pop up by 30 id look into help from devs it unless its a boudn skill. imo rework gg'd understanding this class by moving around many things they found inconvenient lol.

Definitely not you.


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