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Starting a warlock


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Depends on what kind of gear you have, however if you've just came out of the story, fresh with MSP, no badges, Lucent accessories - it'd also help if you told us what element you're using, shadow or ice (I'll assume Ice as that's the choice for PvE).


Skills you want to unlock/grab the Hongmoon version of (vendor in Mushin's Tower):

Bombardment Move 1 (Move 2 will also be unlocked) - you'll need to grab the "Chilling Flame Elixir".

Dragoncall Move 1 - you'll need to grab "Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 4". 

These two skills are essential/the minimum requirement for any Warlock.


Aside from those, if you have any left over points, currency, etc. You'll want to grab:

Soul Shackle Move 2 (Move 1 will also be unlocked) - you'll need to grab "Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 2".


As for rotation, it differs a bit with gear, so I'll provide a rotation for the gear I listed above unless you want to reply back with your set of gear:

Soul Shackle Move 2 > Leech > (Instant Cast) Dragoncall Move 1 until you're no longer able to instant cast > Imprision Move 1 > (Instant Cast) Dragoncall Move 1 until you're no longer able to instant cast > Bombardment Move 1 > Rupture when possible > Repeat RMB and F until you can instant cast Dragoncall Move 1 or Leech > 4 > RMB > F > etc.


Try to get your hands on at least a Alluvion Soul Badge as quick as possible =) It will help and change your rotation to a more efficient one.

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i would suggest you to use shadow while you are leveling up and going through story (you can even use pvp build for that), and then switching to ice near the end of the storyline and for basic pve on 55+ lvl. After that you are free to decide what element to use, and work you way to obtain items you need for proper rotations on the chosen element.

Why you should use ice at first when you are finished with the story? Because it doesn't require any specific items for a very basic rotation, while shadow does need the green badge for it to be a viable option.

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On 5/26/2018 at 3:31 AM, zenerael said:

Not played for a couple of years and thought id come and try a warlock.  Any tips for what order to unlock skills, and a rotation to get me staretd?


Thanks in advance.

dont bother dead class after awakening

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