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  1. Yep, without HM tokens to pop - premium doesn't worth it. This is maybe the last time i am waiting for some promo week of premium - so i could pop the tokens from the last season. After that - there is no point to even bother.
  2. this stupid

    This is lootboxes for you. The newest trend in gaming - online gambling for skins or other ingame stuff. You are paying for it = you are supporting it.
  3. Starting a warlock

    i would suggest you to use shadow while you are leveling up and going through story (you can even use pvp build for that), and then switching to ice near the end of the storyline and for basic pve on 55+ lvl. After that you are free to decide what element to use, and work you way to obtain items you need for proper rotations on the chosen element. Why you should use ice at first when you are finished with the story? Because it doesn't require any specific items for a very basic rotation, while shadow does need the green badge for it to be a viable option.
  4. again newbie questions

    considering that warlock is pretty good in arena - i would suggest you to farm 1x1 and tag matches for zen beans, while also learning and enjoying the pvp. Then trade zen beans for bravery coins and use those to buy items you need to unlock HM skills. It is now very cheap to get HM skills, they were a big deal for the first 1-1.5 years.
  5. Beginner blade dancer

    make a video that shows the problem. As it is hard to define what's wrong just from this description.
  6. 1. basically all MMOs can be defined as p2w. This one is not an exception. 2. the population is not great. They should release the game on steam and make a marketing push.
  7. battleground boxes 5-7 moonstones per box = 50+ gold per box but you need keys for those. If you don't have keys - farm dungeons to get them.
  8. should be sufficient. For better fps you should use ctrl+f in party dungeons and raids.
  9. Suggestions for a better game

    There is no grind, rly. Grind was when you needed a specific weapon for breakthrough, and you would grind that low lvl dungeon for hours to get it. Now it's just the story. If you cut the chapters it would damage the story, as you can not have an epic and big as life adventure if you can run through it in a matter of 10 hours. Yes, a big chunk of the story is pretty simplistic and banal, but what all those quests and characters give is the sense of SCALE. When you finally defeat Jinsoyun it feels like you have been through a lot, you have seen the world, you have met a lot of people, you have grown from a green cricket to a real martial arts MASTER. There is no real point in the story that would be like "omg that was so cool!" but the best thing about the story is that it is a real journey. And when you accomplish a story arc you can FEEL that you accomplish something, you can see how your character is growing and learning to become a worthwhile successor of his master's school. You can see the LEGACY of your own character unfolds in front of you. And that is a fealing that very few games there were able to capture. This game made me like it's story, even though i didn't want it at first. Of course, not everyone like the story or even read the dialogs. But well... you can't make a thing that would be great for everyone. If you are not interested in the story - you can run through it as fast as possible, speedrun it. Or you can buy the lvl50 pack. But in this way - you have options. If they would've cut the story, that would left those people who want all the story without the thing they would've enjoy. And to offer a choise at the beginning asking the player if he want's to skip the story - is also kind of a bad way to deal with it, as people need to expirience the story first to be able to make an advised decision. Basically in this paragraph you are trying to steal the fun from the players that could've enjoy whatever the story can give them, just because you or your friends/daughters didn't like it. There are some background plots and recurring characters in those quests. So those quests are the part of story. Just ignore them if you don't enjoy them. You don't need to be an expirienced player to ignore whatever is not interesting for you and is clearly non benefitial to a lvl up progration. Though it would be nice if they would've just buff the rewards, so players would feel justified puting an effort in to those quests. But they will not do that :( Ye Poh event was nice. Painfull to do but nice :) I would tho like if in the normalise dungeons badges and some effects from items would still work, as those are crucial for a propper skill rotations. So just normalise attack power stats and crit chance but not things like cd reductions or extra effects on some skills that triggers antoher skills and that triggers another... So we could continue to do the normal rotation.
  10. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    Sry but why would i care about that pic? Is the fact that the words from a promotional text can be a total lie in your face somewhat surprising for you? Maybe you also belive in the words of politicians? Just how naive are you? There is no point in seeking a humble words from a corporation unless you are a big share holder. You do understand that you are comparing a f2p game, a MMO game, to a p2p multiplayer shooter? Ye I am watching Jim Stirling and It'sAGundam too, i know the deal and the whole EA controversy. Yet i do understand that BnS is not a p2p game, instead it is a small niche f2p game, and there is just no chance the publisher will not try to squeeze more money from whales. It is the reality and it is how f2p games usually work. And BnS is far from the worst cases so you can't be serious bashing on BnS while there are a lot p2p games that are even worse in terms of p2w than this tiny f2p game. NCwest will ignore you, and the only people you will annoy to are ppl like me who can appreciate the game for what it doesn't do as bad as some other bigger games. And to build the criticism around a piece of text from the promotional material is just so cringy that it is painful to read.
  11. Suggestions for a better game

    1. And skip the epick story of your character? I actually don't like how they already shortened the story quests in some places (i have 10 characters so i went through the story a lot). I would though support an option to skip story for alts, when you went through it at least once, but they wouldn't do it anyway as they have to sell the lvl50 start pack. New players can enjoy the community through the faction chat. Even though i personally wouldn't bother with it, and have my faction chat limited to a single non default tab. And do you really want new players to interact with all the end game content right away, where people are too busy rushing the dungeons with VT gear and don't want to see anyone near them without at least 1.1k ap and perfect knoladge of the mech? 2. You can ignore them if you want. Why cut content? 3. That is interesting idea. I would support. I don't have a clear opinion on the rest.
  12. I never crashed on the Wyrm tho. Yes it was a 2-3 fps mess, but for game to crash?.. not even once. But about a year ago, when they got that Xigncode protection for the game - it made the whole game unstable. And the more updates they roll out - the more unstable and stuttery the game becomes. I hope the new engine will fix that.
  13. sums it up pretty well
  14. Ye. Because anyone who just logged in the game should have aransu weapon and 10 sec soul provided to them on a silver plate... If OP dosn't want seek better deals and farm tradeble resourses then he can simply open his wallet and buy my gold from f9 ;) That is always an option, you know ;)
  15. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    Playing dumb huh? You can buy gold or other ingame currency from gold farmers using 3rd party traiding sites. It doesn't matter if the publishers have a cash shop or not - you can still pay for you progress in those games. What BnS EU doesn't do - is it doesn't have special buffs to your stats that you can ONLY buy with cash, as they have those in CN and RU bns.