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  1. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    some how i cant buy stuff from the market place or search for items i can only sell stuff
  2. Starting a warlock

    dont bother dead class after awakening
  3. WL SKill Soul Shackle Air Bone

    i agree they took all the pvp skills and put garbage you cant do proper combos anymore. first the warden and now this just get rid of warlock class already or put it back how it was
  4. The Problem with Being a Shadow Warlock

    warlock is dead after awakening both in pve and pvp dont bother with it. i am a warlock and i wish i could switch classes
  5. Shadow build endgame gear

    after awakening thrall is useless you lose dps and it does not buff like before don't bother withit they should just get rid of it or make it permanent like cat for summoners
  6. New Patch: A Shadow Warlock Cry for Help

    pvp shadow warlock is thrash been playing for a week tried both specs and is complete garbage they ruined pvp skills you need to block to activate most pvp skills and in pvp you dont have that kind of response time to counter
  7. fist lets begin by saying that my account was deleted for some reason after playing for a few weeks. everything was gone tried to retrieve it but nothing it was like it was never created. thankfully i did not paid for membership. so next i decided to create a new account from scratch. then there was this instance that my character was moved to another place. now someone is typing "pod" this happened twice already. now i dont know what to do.