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again questions and more


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i dont know what items should i start with and how to upgrade them+for what to go then

and from where to got them 

actually i am confuse so much abut everything in this game :D 


what abut Gems ? first gems to get ?


accessories ? ( from where to farm them ) 


next weapon ? ?


soulshield ? ? next and how to farm them ?

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You will need to purchase Hongmoon Gem Powder from the market (F5), then exchange them in the Dragon express (one of the icon in your inventory). As for what to get first, the main ones are: Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, and Amethyst - in that order, you will have 2 gem slots left over, you can pick whatever gem you want to buy/use next.



Oath Necklace - Run Desolate Tomb x10 and then purchase it from the Achievement Vendor with Draken Core.

Tiger Bracelet - Run Naryu Sanctum x10 and then purchase it from the Achievement Vendor with Draken Core.

Eternity Belt - Run Naryu Foundry x10 and then purchase it from the Achievement Vendor with Draken Core.


As for your Mystic and Soul Badge, you can get them from a vendor in Mushin's Tower and Celestial Basin.


Next Weapon:

You just keep upgrading your weapon like normal - no "Next weapon". Like I have mentioned in your last post, just upgrade to Seraph  Razor - Stage 10 then to Raven Razor - Stage 1 and so on.


Soul Shield:

Again... I've already mentioned them in your previous post, so I'll just copy and paste.

Start with MSP Soul Shield (you get it from the storyline), it's called Dark Reaver Soul Shield.

The next stage is BT Soul Shield (you get it from Skybreak Spire Raid), it's called Nefarious Soul Shield.

Then VT/SK Soul Shield (you get it from Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium & Scion's Keep Raid), it's called Demoncaller Soul Shield.

And your final Soul Shield is the TT Soul Shield (you get it from Twilight Temple Raid), it's called Tachun Soul Shield.

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as you keep asking the same questions, I don't think you are asking the right questions ;) The explanaition from Ludicium it totally correct, so I guess the problem is elsewhere. I will make some guesses what the problem is, but please, think about what you really wanna know. Some super broad question is not gonna help you there.


1. Do you know where the dragon express is in your inventory? (it is always a good idea to check all buttons ;) ) Do you know you have sunorb tab there? (you can get a soul shield there, which is first priority plus after you got that you can get smaller gems and turn the 5-gems to powder as well)


2. The purchasing with draken core is easier, if you do the quest the dead never die (250 cores), for the others just run dark tomb to naryu sanctum


3. do you know where the weapon menu is? you just click on your weapon and go to something named like "manage weapon" (sorry no english client ;) ). If in doubt, press every button and see what happens. 


4. do you know what skybreak spire is? (the other ones are too far away to be interesting, just fokus on the skybreak spire one for now) If not, it is the first real raid, located in khanda vhiar. you get to it, if you check the map and walk all the way up there (NOT the weekly entrance). It is a 12 man thing, so you might wanna look out for people asking in faction chat (most want 1k ap, so you probably need to gear some first)


So what do you really want to know?

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27 minutes ago, Rebelpalestine said:

3 > 4 > f > 4 > v > rmp > 4 > rmp > 4 till 4 get reuse repeat 


Your gear with the antique icon on it (the little green bag icons) are antiques, meaning they will not provide your character with any kind of stats, so I'd suggest exchanging them in by clicking on your "antique" icon on the bottom right corner.
You'll then want to grab your hollow accessories from a vendor in Valindria - Solak map.


But, from what I can see, based on your gear and your rotation, 22k max is about right. You simply need to upgrade your gear.


For your current gear I'd suggest a rotation of:
3 > F > 4 > keep pressing 4 until you can no longer instant cast > RMB > F > RMB > F > until you can instant cast 4.


Imprison Move 1 > Leech > Dragoncall Move 1 (repeat until no longer instant cast) > Bombardment Move 1 > Rupture (repeat RMB & F until you can instant cast Dragoncall) > Dragoncall Move 1.


I would also suggest salvaging your Hongmoon Hexagonal Aquamarine gem and purchasing the Hongmoon Hexagonal Diamond gem instead, that should give you a bit more DPS.

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You should use your hollow items then :P

And you should get the diamond gem too, it is a decent DPS upgrade.


Warlock isn't meant to be a DPS class like Gunslinger, Forcemaster or Assassin, Warlock is meant to be a DPS-support class like Summoner.

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