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  1. Need male lyn presets if possible

    Hello every one , i look for male lyn presets i found one but its always gave me failed any help abut that
  2. Shadow warlock newbie

    hello when i hit lv55hm11 i dissed to play shadow warlock, need to know the rotation + gear + setup if i find some help would be great :D
  3. again newbie questions

    i saw that, but i dont know from where to farm each of them
  4. again newbie questions

    i am try hard to learn this class i hear there is a hongmoon secret skills, how to farm for them ?! and from where to have them ?! hope a full answer because i dont know anything
  5. again questions and more

    abut hollow items i had all of them in my warehouse abut gems i can buy the diamond too with both i had already due to all what i see, warlock is very weak untill he got max items
  6. again questions and more

    3 > 4 > f > 4 > v > rmp > 4 > rmp > 4 till 4 get reuse repeat
  7. again questions and more

    the stupid thing is, i still soooooooooo weak more than u think, even with 970 ap max dmg i dealt till now is 22,000 why ?! i dont know really
  8. again questions and more

    i dont know what items should i start with and how to upgrade them+for what to go then and from where to got them actually i am confuse so much abut everything in this game :D what abut Gems ? first gems to get ? accessories ? ( from where to farm them ) next weapon ? ? soulshield ? ? next and how to farm them ?
  9. Return and need much help

    thanks so much, i'll keep this noticed
  10. Return and need much help

    Done got it , what abut the right way to get my soulshield ? next one + next weapon + badge ? its really confused and there is too many things around
  11. Return and need much help

    thanks for your full answer but still not get what i want this what i missing < check the picture please abut upgrade's does it free at all ? ? or there is way to pay for upgrade faster ? ? :D already bored farming all the week alone
  12. Return and need much help

    I started Warlock since bns start, i pick wl as i like such class , i return since 2 weeks now, i hit 55.hm9 so much stuffs i dont understand, what weapon to use ? ? (full answer require0 i saw many WL have red aoe i dont have it on my skill bar :O how to leveling more with HM ?! best soulshield ? ? how to higher my HM now ?! most the blue + orange quest is boss and can't do it alone + the best blue one ask to defeat floor16 in mushin
  13. Newbie questions

    Hello there newbie here , i hit level55hm7 today, i reach yellow quest ( Act9: chapter 1 - its ask for go a yellow star ) but can't i dont found that yellow star also i had many items in inventory i dont know what to keep and what not also in warehouse need help by mark the thing that i destroy by X >>>> hope some1 do it for me abut weapon what to upgrade seraph or the other ? i'll put screen shot for my warehouse sec :D here we go all those for what ? ? ? please if u need help just a full replay + mark
  14. Change from Lyn warlock+other questions

    is it go upper than 55 ? ? :/ lol at lvl 46 and its unbelievable how's with more lol
  15. Change from Lyn warlock+other questions

    thanks for that, probably i get hard to level up, so start from scratch isnt so good to me :/ i had bad guide to level up, maybe its take over 1 month for lvl46