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Having a dilemma in weapon skin, someone help ?


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Wanted to make a change to my Lyn Blade Dancer's weapon, since the big red weapon isn't fitting really good.


Candidate (1): Updraft Lynblade from Skymetal Plain



Candidate (2): Lycan Lynblade from.. ehm.... Lycan @ Lycandi Foothill (Wheel of Fate)



If there is suggestion for better skin, please do so. (wanted the limited Cherry Bloom, but not available)

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try Primal Lynblade it's also nice, but if you want something blue...

there is a replica of the first candidate but blue and it drops in moonwater from the moonwater chest so just do naryu lab once to get the box since it 's very common and use naryu coins to get brilliant key from dragon express and open it?



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