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  1. If not mistaken, its stop at act 5, not act 3, so its different issue. I remember there are some difficulty to finding the place, but forgot since i did it long ago.
  2. What date and time you paid ? I personally didn't purchase much, but I did once and my friend did once. I notice using credit card option will have delayed delivery of Ncoin. Which around .. half- one day. I used paypal, the ncoin just enter like... within 5 minutes.
  3. First question, did you use credit card option or using paypal option ?
  4. Wanted to make a change to my Lyn Blade Dancer's weapon, since the big red weapon isn't fitting really good. Candidate (1): Updraft Lynblade from Skymetal Plain Candidate (2): Lycan Lynblade from.. ehm.... Lycan @ Lycandi Foothill (Wheel of Fate) If there is suggestion for better skin, please do so. (wanted the limited Cherry Bloom, but not available)
  5. my sword doesn't look matching to my outfit, so thinking to change it. So was curious about few thing: 1. Appearance/ skin used can it be extracted ? as in use in another weapon 2. If i used skin or change appearance, will it carry forward when I upgrade/evolve the weapon ? like Baleful stage 9-> 10, or baleful -> raven, etc 3. Showroom only show your weapon, is there any way to show how is the effect on your character in overall ?
  6. Just found it, ty. I miss the word "revive all your party member" which written small at the bottom
  7. In certain dungeon someone used this, really helpful, so I wondering where to get more of these ? (for endgame dungeon)
  8. Any idea how to speed up solar energy collection ? eager to get my hands on those
  9. Well, there are 2 main type, one is from ToI, another from all sorts of places. (except legendary from raids) Example: Alluvion - Tower of Infinity Eternity - dragon express (solar energy) - mushin tower (yunsang bead) Is there any other places can get them ?
  10. The daily was Tag match... and its quite irritating... so slow :(
  11. So upgrading Oath necklace vs VT necklace, is easier and alot more rewarding ? as in stat per cost.
  12. Thank you once again, this give me the much needed required progression for accessory. I currently only have those solak accessory, and black dawn *lightning* ring, which i dont need :sad:
  13. Mantis, thank for the reply. 1) I will try, but I try to do duel tag and there is literally no one.... In fact i did see it once, but I only have 150G that time and another person already reach 120G bid... Dont want to bankrupt and couldnt do anything else. 2) I'm at stage 7, and... Couldnt really proceed.. out of mats and gold... 8,9,10, raven are really costly... Especially the 20G each legendary element thingy. 3) I'm targeting the necessary badges for wind BD, mystic badge in basin(have 30k+ peach, but waiting on raven feather) so that my dmg is alot high
  14. In general, which accessory is better or which to be aim as goal? (Assuming your build align with the element) Bracelet are off topic since legendary provide specific great buff to skill. But things like earring/ring/necklace can choose between elemental and non-elemental. Elemental which normally have set bonus of high crit dmg. 1) For a endgame starter, which is better ? Black dawn ring + earring/necklace or all other non-elemental accessories 2) For long run, what and which accessories should i look out for ? Hope to shed some light on
  15. lol, totally agree, but lucky for me I noticed the part before I buy it (to buy it, I have to take out gear from my stash.) but you could salvage it for some materials it seems. Legendary soul and soul upgrade are.... so.... expensive
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