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Tell Me About the Endgame


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Hi. I've played Lineage 2 for a long time, but I realized that all the endgame gear upgrading is based on gambling. Crafting, compounding, enchanting, and augmenting all have % chance to succeed or fail, so you gather materials then roll the dice. I'm willing to work for my gear, but I do not like taking my hard earned materials and gambling them, possibly (usually) ending up with nothing. They have a few safe ways to improve items, but they are very cost-restrictive and ultimately unrealistic for most things.


How does Blade and Soul do it?


Can a person farm for gear, or is it so slow that the only realistic option is the game store?


How many USD would I need to spend on my character to be accepted into endgame parties?


How many USD is a top-geared PvP character worth?


Thank you for your time.

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Currently, there's no chances to fail in terms of upgrading your items, however, we are unsure if it will be implemented in the western versions of BnS or not, as KR has chances to fail on their items (which, I mean, makes it even more unlikely that it'll get implemented).


As for farming, yes, this game's endgame is all about farming, both for gear and for materials to upgrade said gear.

It is slow though, and painfully slow if RNG/luck is not on your side (talking about potentially a few months to get a piece of gear), although, that's not to say that it's slow to the point where the majority of players will have to spend RL currency to progress at a reasonable pace.

However, it can get quite bad to the point where some players might feel like the game is leaning more towards the pay2progress side of things (note the difference between "majority" and "some" ^^).


This game is heavily RNG based, the requirements for endgame parties are quickly becoming "need endgame gear to participate in endgame raids", and so, if you don't find yourself a guild/clan who are willing to level and upgrade their/your gear with you, you can find yourself dropping anywhere from 2,000 gold and upwards to buy "runs" (depends on the seller) for a single/few piece(s) of endgame gear - depending the server, 2k gold can cost quite a bit in terms of RL currency ($20+).


Top PVP gear...poah, I'm not really sure myself, but 99% of the top PVP geared players are whales - if you're talking about RL currency. 

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Yes, specifically, the whales. How much have they spent? The ones who have everything. How much RL money does it cost to buy everything needed/available? I want to know what I'd be up against so I can set my goals for the game.

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I'm not a whale, not even a dolphin, however, I myself have spent over $500 on this trove alone.
It's not rare for PVE whales to spend over $1000 USD on a single trove alone, let alone PVP players, where it is even more gear-dependent (Trove is an event that usually happens about every quarterly).


If you're looking to purchase every piece of gear and upgrade material with RL cash (runs, etc.), you could be spending well into the high thousands - if not, pass that. I'm unsure of the exact amount though. And even then, it could take months for you to get said item (ie. Gilded Gems, etc.).

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Tbh you dont need to spend too much money or any at all. What it all comes down to is the grind and if your willing to put in the time. For new player i suggest staying with one character and just grind those dungeons. You can pay for mats buy buying gold or using coins for the random items placed on store. Getting your weapon upgraded to the last of the 1st legendary set is much cheaper now and you can farm a good portion of endgame content. For the final few dungeons most want close to final stage of raven and higher (can always check what will be needed in you equipment menu "P") 

I do admit ive put some money into this game due to some outfits, impatience, and that i dont only play this game. The more time you put in the less youll feel you need to buy upgrade mats. Really its just about what you want to put into the game.


Also for new players that want to pvp i suggest sticking to arena its equalized were only your class and skills matter, not gear. If youre thinking about jumping into battlegrounds early youll be spending or dying.  Btw some pvp gear is sadly drops or paid with tokens from upper dungeons.

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