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  1. Tbh you dont need to spend too much money or any at all. What it all comes down to is the grind and if your willing to put in the time. For new player i suggest staying with one character and just grind those dungeons. You can pay for mats buy buying gold or using coins for the random items placed on store. Getting your weapon upgraded to the last of the 1st legendary set is much cheaper now and you can farm a good portion of endgame content. For the final few dungeons most want close to final stage of raven and higher (can always check what will be needed in you equipment menu "P") I do
  2. I dont like ppl who hunt lowbies but this is not a problem in just bns. Its not the 1st mmo or the last to have high lvls hunting lowbies. One thing to note is YOU R WARNED! If u mouse over the outfit it tells u its for pvp and when u attempt to put it on, lowbies only, the system warns u. You know u can be attacked by any1 and should be carefull. Any1 who has ever played other mmos know high lvls can be in lvl areas and its all up to the choices of the person. In my experience some mmos have a starting area where no pvp is allowed or they put a system where u cant get attacked by
  3. There are 2 versions of DT, normal mode & hard mode. For NM u dont need to follow mechs. Compared to HM The insta-kills only do high damage and the npc's stats are lowered. In short NM=tank and spank, well till you reach sanctum and on up. but there are some of the lower dungeons you should try to follow mechs on nm since they can be annoying: EC - In Ebondrake Citadel it can be annoying when ppl dont follow mechs killing those who cant survive the high damage. NF - Naryu Foundry is another one that can be annoying is 1st and 3rd boss mechs not being followed for those that
  4. This problem has been steadily growing and no fix or word of a fix. Since last 2 months I've noticed increased latency, which still has yet to return to normal, as well as huge lag spikes every now and then. These lag spikes are just getting worst and we all know its the servers and not us by this point. I dont care if they need to take servers down for a day or more just FIX THE PROBLEM ALREADY!!!!!
  5. Same complaint here. I even sent in a ticket and they asked for screenshots. *Jeopardy song plays in background*
  6. If you weren't here for the event then you just cant get them.
  7. Dude its easy to target the summoner and get around cat. Dont know what ur doing but i can always get to the sum w/o problem. just dont let cat be between u two. short version if u dont have good aoe skill then get up close and personal its easy. if i can do it on my alts i dont play much then u should be able to do it on a main
  8. I main a summoner and i have to say some of you wanting a super cat is crazy. Yes, i know how annoying it is when someone goes for an insta-kill on your lil buddy and u loose 4 skills that are very useful. Before i go on i must say this, WARLOCKS STAY OUT OF THIS! Sure ur pet doesn't move on its own and only active for a bit, but you guys have a continuous block and you only loose controlling it when its gone(one escape and a stun). Not to mention since the thrall cant move you guys hide behind it like a shield. Summoners on the other hand loose a stun, daze, 2kd, and their shield ( not cat i
  9. Just for fun aspect of the game, soul fighter is the better choice. Its fun being able to switch from melee to range and vice versa. Don't get me wrong bm is good too but it only usefull if you like seeing sword skills and want that hold down block.
  10. I usually wait until I get 10+ chest and open at once. collecting the chest instead of opening one at time as u get them helps increase your chances.
  11. This is a huge need. I don't know why it wasn't part of the game to begin with. So many times I've been in party with those who don't contribute to dungeon and feeds off our work, deliberately mess up mechs just to troll party, I can go into detail more but I think anyone reading get the picture. We need this option and to have it where all members but the one being kicked has to vote to avoid abuse of the function. Yes need this so bad. Sometimes get stuck with someone who with lead who wont cancel even after 5, 10 or more mins with no one else joining. Its like being held hostage. on
  12. I agree. You need to learn the mechs. Look it up or ask people in game. Its not a simple tank and spank fight.
  13. Its about time to get this info out there every time all ppl do is hide in projectile protections and wait him out when we can keep bringing his health down. I've nvr seen a guide that ever posted about this so now it's here for all.
  14. Do u guys get bored standing back as asura protects himself with a ground aoe and barrier as he shoots projectiles at you? Tired of having to group together under yours or another shielding unable to do anything but block until he's done? Well that time is over its time to fight back and I'll tell you how. I figured this out using a summoner and then confirmed my suspicions on a soulfighter. When Asura puts down that ground aoe, fire or ice, and puts up a shield to deflect attacks he cave be hit but only certain skills. These skills have to have an aoe effect, hitting multiple tar
  15. If not on market then you're just gonna have to farm it.
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