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  1. Sounds like an NCsoft game indeed! Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes, specifically, the whales. How much have they spent? The ones who have everything. How much RL money does it cost to buy everything needed/available? I want to know what I'd be up against so I can set my goals for the game.
  3. Hi. I've played Lineage 2 for a long time, but I realized that all the endgame gear upgrading is based on gambling. Crafting, compounding, enchanting, and augmenting all have % chance to succeed or fail, so you gather materials then roll the dice. I'm willing to work for my gear, but I do not like taking my hard earned materials and gambling them, possibly (usually) ending up with nothing. They have a few safe ways to improve items, but they are very cost-restrictive and ultimately unrealistic for most things. How does Blade and Soul do it? Can a person farm for gear, o
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