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Achievements : The Price of Progress

Saisho Sin

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Achievements : How to unlock The Price of Progress ?


Someone who knows can she/he tell me?


How to do Step by step


And our classroom is separate from the weapon can it be updraged and salvageable?


Note : Siren Belt/Pirate Bracelet does not work

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On 3/1/2018 at 5:21 AM, Saisho Sin said:

I think there is definitely a solution.

If it were not they would not have done it


GM Dawn also says GM Dawn has a solution

Then I would like to know how.

I have that achievement unlock on my main but that's because I got it in 2016.

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1. Buy "Siren Belt" with 20 siren emblem.

2. Feed accessories/jewels to reach stage 5.

3. Get an "Enigmatic Belt" to break through to stage 6.

4. Feed more accessories/jewels to upgrade the siren belt to stage 10

5. Buy "Pirate bracelet" with 20 pirate emblem.

6. Feed the "Stage 10 siren belt" to the "pirate bracelet stage 1".



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