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  1. Can't really hear it, but it sounds like this one.
  2. You don't get evolving items until legendary equipment. The first one you get is a baleful/seraph stage 1 at the beginning of act 7 story quest. Evolving accessories are from raids and high lvl dungeons. All the items you get from the story is actually better then the old evolving Hongmoon items and will be enough to get you through the story. The low lvl purple dungeons are optional but give weapons stronger then the story ones.
  3. A correction, you get hongmoon squares from the story, not pentagonals. You can't salvage the squares either, they can be transmuted into a pentagonal, but it costs 1 gem powder, so it's not worth it.
  4. Don't forget to claim the "Inventors Jackpot" from the cash shop. You can open it up to 10 times, once every 10 hours. There's a chance you can get some legendary gem hammers from it. I think there's also a chance to get some gem powder to buy your hexagonal gems. Also, to add on, hongmoon hexagonal gems break down into 4 gem powder, so you can freely change the gem type as much as you want. Just make sure to not break the gem types that aren't in the store, such as Garnet and Emerald.
  5. There should be a button that says "show set effect" or something similar to that. You'll see that every X amount of points you put in will give a bonus. So at 10 defensive points you get an extra 20k hp, at 20 points you get another 15k hp. Every point also gives about 250 hp.
  6. I'm no gunner expert, so here goes. 1) So Q places a skystone down in front of you. The resist version lets you go up only once. The other version lets go up as long as you have hooks. Going up lets you use a different set of skills, not sure if you can get hit up there. 2) That's the "Dark Mark" debuff. I think only 2 skills apply it. One of them is a skystone skill, the other is using Triple Shot 3 times and pressing the follow up F skill. Dark Mark makes your RMB do more damage in normal mode and lightspeed (machine gun) mode. 3) That's the indicator for
  7. I don't think it will, but either way you can just go to cat npc's in specific towns. They'll let you customize your cat for regular money. They're in Jadestone Village, Sandstone Refuge, Lilystalk Tradepost in Moonwater and Zaiwei Merchant Square. Each one should have different designs.
  8. 1. Buy "Siren Belt" with 20 siren emblem. 2. Feed accessories/jewels to reach stage 5. 3. Get an "Enigmatic Belt" to break through to stage 6. 4. Feed more accessories/jewels to upgrade the siren belt to stage 10 5. Buy "Pirate bracelet" with 20 pirate emblem. 6. Feed the "Stage 10 siren belt" to the "pirate bracelet stage 1".
  9. Using siren belt/pirate bracelet still works. You'll also get the "Ascendant" title this way.
  10. I'm not really sure for soul fighter, but in general the light/Seraph weapon requires you to get hit to activate the effect and I'm pretty sure soul fighter isn't really a tank. So you'll pretty much never activate the effect in part play. Have you already upgraded the weapon? If so, how far? Also does it have 6 gem slots? If you haven't upgraded it very far, you can buy the dark/Baleful weapon. Keep buying until you have 6 gem slots.
  11. You have to wear the regular Indomitable costume. All adornments require you to wear the base costume.
  12. Currently, there's 8 Acts, each act has roughly 20-30 chapters.
  13. What are you trying to upgrade? You don't need Tormented weapon for anything anymore.
  14. Unequip your weapon and gems, you should have the option to exchange them for new stuff, nothing you can do with your accessories. As Riss has said do the story, you'll get everything to catch up. To get to level 55, you have to start Act 8 of the story, then you'll start getting normal exp again.
  15. You can still sell to any store in game, the only difference membership allows you to do is to sell to the dragon express. Just throw them all away if you can't sell it to a store, hold click and drag the item out of your inventory. You won't ever need to keep low level items and weapon chests. For future reference, you cannot dismantle boxes of any kind, you have to open them and then you can dismantle the item you get.
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