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PVE gear in favour of lightning.


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i just realised that BT accessories are completely 100% in favour of lightning assassins. that's super annoying. they get a 30% damage increase on both their lightning rod, and lightning pierce, while here we are getting heartstab by 25% which they ALSO get and use frequently. i dont really think this is fair, same thing applies for VT soul shields. They are completely in favour of lightning assassin. choke bomb cd and time bomb cd? thats bull. that gives them their entire rotation of massive damage cooldown reduction by 15%. where is the value for shadow??? an extra 15% off my choke bomb when i can stack poison just fine?? lmao,Shadow sins are more party oriented giving people a more frequent blue buff. but when it comes to solo damage its not really fair that your tilting the scales for our normal rotation completely. just looking for a little equality. i hear very light rumours that we're getting a buff but i have seen NOTHING of this, does anyone have any information? any links? any interviews? id like to know cause lightning sins will 100% always have a 1 up on us for our rotations when they can animation cancel AND the gear of the game is so much more in favour of lightning. any help or information would be much appreciated. 

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as a long time shadow sin pve'r i agree on this - tho i have heard that in the future shadow will recieve a buff something like after 5 succesful dark strikes you can hold rmb for 5 secs it will have the same/faster speed than the holding rmb bracelet. i hope they change it to something like: after 5 succesful dark strikes you can hold F(dark strike) and it will be really fast, like .. most dps comes from dark strike not rmb

they also need to lower lightning rods CD in dark from 12 to 10 seconds as sometimes i find myself waiting a good second before i can pop it to get out of stealth, make the elemental damage to shadow also ofc. + maybe dark can get a buff on poison breath/choke bomb aswell or something else on #1 instead of shadow drain. idk maybe some change on 3(venom slash) that on crit u can use it again up to 3 times just throwing some stuff out there

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Lightning is more dps, but dps is far from everything, Shadow sin is way more usefull in high end content like vt/sk, since we usually use Holy fire soul badge etc we can supply a ton of bluebuffs to our party, not to mention that we have burst, unlike light sin. in SK, we go in, burst for 400k/sec and then we go do mechs, light sin goes in, bursts for 300k/sec and then goes and does mechs. another problem light sin faces is their inabillity to tank anything that has truesight, I am a main tank for my bt group on my assassin, and I keep pizza stable while doing ~80% of my max dps.


basides, alot of bosses has frequent aoe attacks which will just swatt the light sins out fo stealth and maybe knock them back or something. 


bottomline; if the stars alligne light sin does way more dmg, but they are less usefull for the team and way more risky when it comes to aoe heavy bosses.

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Pretty simple to answer as a lightning sin, dark is simpler than light.


Example for buffing without Fighting Spirit:


Light has more dps loss while setting up the buffs.

Press 4 for bracelet, go stealth with 1, 3 or tab, press 2 for vt badge and 1 for soulbadge.


Dark in the other hand not that much,

press 4 for vt badge+bracelet if you play tiger and 3 for soulbadge.


Light can't afford failcancel due soulbadge is counted per hit for 6 seconds on heart stab (reducing the cd of poison), if you fail, no bracelet refresh.

Dark always has both bracelet and vt badge up the same time.


So it's fair for Lightning build if it's on its favour and ofcourse having more dps than Dark.

And besides, Darkbuild is in favor of the party which means more likely Darksin is a support class.

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