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  1. Wir brauchen ein anständigen Block

    Wozu braucht man dann Tanks (KFM/BM)? Wenn man keinen in die lobby bekommen hat ist es eben pech, genau so wie wenn man kein sb/bb in die lobby bekommen hat, da kann man nicht irgendeine klasse mal feinjustieren. Man muss nicht alle angriffe von den bossen entgehen, nur die die einen cc'n. Sollte eigentlich auch genügen mit den iframes die der FM hat.
  2. frage zu pvp

  3. You don't have HM Heart stab
  4. Lighting assassin rotation

  5. Invisible Wall

    Must be the Event-Cannon. Should be fixed after event is over.
  6. PVE gear in favour of lightning.

    Pretty simple to answer as a lightning sin, dark is simpler than light. Example for buffing without Fighting Spirit: Light has more dps loss while setting up the buffs. Press 4 for bracelet, go stealth with 1, 3 or tab, press 2 for vt badge and 1 for soulbadge. Dark in the other hand not that much, press 4 for vt badge+bracelet if you play tiger and 3 for soulbadge. Light can't afford failcancel due soulbadge is counted per hit for 6 seconds on heart stab (reducing the cd of poison), if you fail, no bracelet refresh. Dark always has both bracelet and vt badge up the same time. So it's fair for Lightning build if it's on its favour and ofcourse having more dps than Dark. And besides, Darkbuild is in favor of the party which means more likely Darksin is a support class.
  7. Dark Build Help

    no need to swap
  8. Is Thunderstruck bugged?

    I guess Thunderstruck was the skill u will get, before the first aerial skill which has to be used before Thunderstruck
  9. Dynasty Mystic Trouble

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with Dynasty Mystic Badge since i got it. My problem is that i can't anicancel properly with it, as i'd usualy do with Pulse Mystic. With VT Badge i can only do 1 anicancel or 1,5 each second instead of 2 cancel (dummy mushin tower). Wİth Pulse Mystic ofcourse 2. My ping is hopping between 110 and 160 depending Server Status. I'm not sure which case but one has to be true. Case 1 (Latency): it's the 0,5 seconds of cooldown this badge has, added onto my ping. Case 2 (Noobfilter): it's just a matter of time till i get used to it. Having the badge since 4 or 5 weeks. I have more DPS with Pulse Mystic btw (30k+(end dps ofc.)). And I personally don't think it's case 2 for those facts i listed above. So the only solution to solve this problem is, to have a better ping (provider, vpn, change living place)? Stupid class and build i have chosen to not play properly with its VT Badge, sounds so weird. Anyway, anyone else having the same trouble?
  10. Marriage System

    No god please no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Would be another stupid game with buddy/marriage system and this is stupid as hell. " You have neither friends nor a Boy/Girlfriend? You have no hobbys no life? Then you're ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ right to be here, Play Blade&Soul today and start your Relationships! " I know other games that are built into this. This is a MMORPG fight bosses build ur gear be strong game. I don't mind the buffs or emotes or anything else but the whole concept. This system would not suit BnS. Please dont ruin it.
  11. Login Bonus Srsly ?

    Insane, people always find ways to complain even more lol. Months ago login rewards wasnt even mentioned, so why complain about free afk exp? Or anything free.
  12. In this case maybe your GPU doesnt work well with your CPU.
  13. I've read about this problem before, and it's said that this game is highly CPU dependent. And yes it must be because your GPU just can't be the issue, it can't.
  14. Suche einpaar Mitspieler

    Hallo, was ist mit niedrigerem Alter?