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Guild management without offline timers?

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Oke, oke... this is worst innovation for mmo game: guild management without offline timers.


Almost every mmo i played has offline timers. But BnS has no offline timers and i have even asked years ago for this management problem.
This means only extra work for leader to write down on the notepad to keep every player in eye who is online and who not.

I made even auto-scan inside guild site to verify every member. But even so, it's not perfect. Kicking member by accident is easier here.

It's is very sad management.


It seems the development team never learn which points are VERY needed for guild management. You can learn from other MMOs what good guild management should be.

I am very surprised this game has still same guild management system WITHOUT offline timers since beta. Yes, i am very surprised why they not learn the faults or read requests from players?


The Character Info screen has no offline timers. But i know every player is logged with timers, but it's not visible in the guild list. It's just never added to the game!


What do you think about this problem and how can you manage big members list without much work? Remember, casual guilds have here problem because they allow more offline days than very active guild which want see every player active every day.


You may give reaction about this missed offline timers.



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I have also asked long time ago for shared account in guild. I know because guild leveling is so hard so more characters from one player is not allowed in guild. Especially starting guild is very small. But we like to try many characters out and use it in guild.


I know shared account is possible because all characters are linked to one account. So it's very easy to add it to guild management to recognize account and change to another characters without use more guild slots. Each guild slot can be account bound instead of character bound.

With account bound, it's not more needed to ask player again to invite another character to guild. Same slot will change automatic to another character if player switch it. Less wasted guild slots.


This way, it's more fun with more players in the guild, and make it more active. Of course player must confirm it to use in same guild, or it will stay seperated without guild. This will make BnS with pretty unique system. Most mmos have character bound slots.

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Yessss. Even social clans need this (social clans also need to raise the kick limit from ONE per DAY). TBH I wish they would just remove the social clan system and go full comp. You can have a comp clan and not actually buy into the competitive drama.

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While examing API / http side from BnS server, there is only pure character data. There is no offline flag, no online timer, nothing useful for management.
The clan API or data link is also not found. So you must do note everything manually by hand. :(
Nothing useful hidden in API data.


You can perhaps keep in eye for stats changes, but that is all....


The missing parts are:

- No offline timers (there is only "online" indication in clan list)

- No logbook for added members / left members

- No donation logbook (which is very troublesome, because clan leveling is not cheap - higher levels needs plenty donation)


If you look at clan window, it's pretty much very minimal information. I am surprised not even Korean side has also not added missing features. Are there no much complains about the game? Looks developers is ignoring the problem. (The problem is since 2011 there and not solved in 2018! Only big change is the crafting system.)
Big clans are more harder for leaders to keep everything in eye.


I know the game is designed since 2011. Which makes BnS "old" compared to other mmos, and i am still surprised the developers focused too much on graphic side and forget important clan management parts. You might think the developers have never runned clan by themselves.


Even i am surprised the player information, equipment sheet and guides are more than enough to understand a bit. Not all MMO has editor to adjust own game GUI.
There is even logbook for all completed quests!


But WHY... poor clan management? I think many players don't want play leader in this game. Too much work.


So i want ask clan leaders: what have you done for now to compensate the poor management?



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