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  1. fabric

    I think we should at least be able to salvage outfits that drop in game. (especially the ones for kitties or a different race).
  2. Yeah, you're right. Sorry about that I misread it somewhere. *bows*
  3. Cryptogram drops in the new dungeon. The comb is no longer available, it was a reward in the previous event.
  4. If you don't wish join in the middle of the run just disable -join dungeons in progress- (or something like this) in the lobby. Usually people wait for newcomers before attacking the boss and if they do attack, flame wall should appear only at the entrance to the boss area, not in the entire dungeon so it sounds pretty unusual that you were killed at the dungeon entrance. Perhaps it was something else?
  5. Guild management without offline timers?

    ^ this. It is such pain in the ass to keep up with who is actually active in the clan. It would also be great to be able to improve the crafting depot so the clan leader can see who donated and how much was donated.
  6. Daily Challenge revamp... needs a revamp.

    From what I recall the Phantom Waves quest was in a DC for a longer while now.
  7. Silver Saverfang Kitten Worthless.

    Same thing here. I got 4 of them in a bundle of 10 boxes. The marketplace is flooded with them so the prices are too low to even bother selling the outfit. I agree that they should be salvageable.
  8. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    Anyone else is not getting the free Hongmoon Coins for Premium Members?
  9. How about optimization T_T
  10. trying to make a party

    How about you guys join a clan with such an aim? I'm sure there is a lot of people looking for other players like that!
  11. Massive DC

    Post of the day right there xD
  12. The option to re-watch cutscenes

    I am actually all for it. Not all of cutscenes are on youtube and I would love to rewatch them with the updated dubbing. (I saw some cutscenes with Yuchun and Soha for instance with the old VO, which was plain terrible.)
  13. Massive DC

    Well, there goes my playing time xD
  14. what's yehara's class lol

    I think she's a KFM.
  15. BUYING Ncoin

    Hi, When I'm trying to buy ncoins I get the pop up - 'you have exceeded the number of attempts allowed'. Any idea why it may happen?