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  1. What is your timezone? You need to find a clan that runs when you are online. Ask in faction chat and see if anyone bites.
  2. Seriously, NCSoft? You have created a Valentines event centered around violence. I mean seriously, with all the #metoo stuff making the news, and domestic violence being a huge issue, having people fight to the death for a Valentines Day event is crass and completely tone deaf. Love is a battlefield, my ass. Who thought of this and why did no one flag it as a bad idea?
  3. Not really a practical solution.
  4. Soul shield order (from good to best) is MSP -> Skybreak Spire/BT/Raven -> Aransu. So you will start with MSP and then work your way up to Raven and then Aransu. Many of the "purple" shields from normal loot boxes are nowhere near as good as the legendaries. Faction might be able to help you with specific Gunslinger questions regarding which SS pieces or combinations are the best for gunner. I have run with 5 pieces of MSP and 3 pieces of Ebondrake Citadel for the AP boost, and 5 MSP and 3 Raven pieces, but you will generally get better buffs/increased damage from full sets.
  5. I generally buy Moonstone Crystals, Moonstone, Elysian Orbs, Sacred Orbs, Evolved Stones and Transformation Stones/Premium Transformation Stones from F10 when they are in the specials. Sometimes the specials also contain pets or outfits. You could gamble and buy some pet pouches, hope you get a rare pet and sell it for $$$$$$. Ultimately up to you. You could also start saving it for Trove.
  6. Weapons Level 1-50 You won't need to evolve weapons and accessories until you reach level 50. Use what the story provides, if you find better on your travels, definitely equip it. Weapons Level 50+ You will receive a Dark/Light weapon box during the story, and it will provide your first legendary weapon, which you can then begin to upgrade. Pro tip: do not upgrade your Dark/Light weapon if it has less than 5 gem slots. Once you complete the story to the point of receiving the achievement There and Back Again you can buy more Dark/Light weapon boxes with Naryu Silver via a
  7. Yessss. Even social clans need this (social clans also need to raise the kick limit from ONE per DAY). TBH I wish they would just remove the social clan system and go full comp. You can have a comp clan and not actually buy into the competitive drama.
  8. My clan is several months old; no reclassification.
  9. Just like to point out that (from what I understand) if you have level 10 premium, you are already getting 100% extra HM coins from venture tokens (you get 10% bonus coins per level, therefore level 10 is 10x10 or 100% extra). So this is not a new perk, it's just giving other premium levels the same bonus as premium 10.
  10. Social clans are a cool way to meet people but the system is currently lacking in several areas and these clans could benefit from the following: Add member ranks - currently the only rank available is Leader. It would be nice if Advisor was also an option, and could be distributed to several people within each clan at the discretion of the leader. Ranks/titles help members know who they can go to if they experience a problem. Remove member kick limits - I tried to remove players who are no longer active in game but there is a limit to the number of kicks a leader can perfor
  11. Since custom profile pictures are currently a hot topic, why not create an in-game photobooth that allows a player to change the backdrop and pose of their character, and take a picture for their F2? There's already a very similar option in character creation, where the outfit, pose, angle and lighting/backdrop can be changed. Almost all of the custom pictures I have seen in people's profiles are safe for work pictures of their characters in different game locations, or safe for work art work of their characters. Most people simply seem to want nice pictures of their characters as
  12. I think the 60 days is quite generous (I was convinced prior to the announcement that they would give us seven days in line with their previous "generosity" levels), so I have no complaint there. I do feel that the new premium doesn't offer as much value as the previous premium. Now that wardrobe is for the masses, the biggest incentive to pay is gone, and the new incentives pale in comparison. I would prefer an account wide wardrobe or account wide warehouse. Get 15 HM coins a day. Get access to a daily cache chest you can buy with 30 HM/NCoins per day. Essentially, to
  13. NCSoft will never release player info to protect the privacy of the players caught cheating. I don't necessarily agree that a pseudonym has the right to privacy (it's already private) but that's their policy.
  14. My PC is one month old and I am experiencing this problem. Would lodge a support request but I do not want to be told the problem is my brand new computer (it's not).
  15. Yes, there are certain things that don't need to be communicated in detail and some things that are best left for players to discover as they play. Can't argue that. It's one thing to sneak peak a game change, it's another thing entirely to change a product someone has paid for after the fact, and fail to communicate what those changes are going to be. As a customer paying money, I don't want to figure out the changes made to my purchase by playing the game. If NCSoft understood their player base or even engaged with them outside of help desk requests, they wouldn't mak
  16. Dear NCSoft, It would be nice if you could communicate with your premium user base exactly what changes you are making to their already purchased membership, since we will "seamlessly transition" into this new system without our consent on the 17th. Those of us who are currently premium players purchased your "product" with an expectation of certain promises/service levels being met and now those are being changed without due notice, without consent, and after we clearly already paid for said item. If we don't like this new service, will we be refunded pro-r
  17. Yes, you need to submit a help request/support ticket. Your issue is account specific, so we cannot help you, but a GM or techie should be able to give you some answers. Go here. Click Submit a Ticket - fill out the form.
  18. @Resurio so did you lodge a support ticket?
  19. Lodge a support ticket. The forum is not the appropriate place for this request; you need assistance from a GM.
  20. Level 10 Premium member here. I do not agree with any stat boosts being given to premium players. I do not even believe upgrade mats should be sold in F10. However, I do not agree with giving non-premium players wardrobe access unless premium players are compensated in turn. If f2p players are to receive wardrobe, then I certainly hope the cost of premium membership is reduced accordingly, or premium players are given account-wide warehouse or account-wide wardrobe. It would not shock me if quite a few of these "bonafide" f2p players shelled out cash for games like Overwatc
  21. The answer I got from support about this made very little sense. I see a lot of complaints about the bug, very few answers in common when we compare what support has told us. A clan mate said that she could access her rewards about four hours before reset each day, regardless of how long she had been online. So maybe wait a few hours and try again. When you are able to claim them, note the time and try again the next day around the same time if you have the same problem. Worked for me, too, just at a different time. GL!
  22. Ahh, I was wrong about this one - at the time, I had a level 16 character that could not join a crafting guild and a level 50 that got invited to Craft King's Court, so I assumed that crafting was moved to level 50. My mistake. I was able to join a crafting guild the other day at level 18, so whatever bug I had is clearly resolved.
  23. I believe it takes both f2p and p2p people to run the game. You need a population playing and population playing and paying for their business model to work. So in saying that, I don't believe I'm a philanthropist - I pay money in exchange for a product (premium or outfits etc). I'm a consumer. I don't have a problem with people playing for free - I know some people can't afford to pay at all due to genuine hardship (or no way to obtain NCoin). I don't mind if people don't pay because they are simply frugal. That's cool. I do, however, find myself annoyed as f--- at the people who
  24. NCSoft is not a charity. You play for free because other people pay. Yes, free to play players bolster the player base numbers and are valuable, but someone has to pay the bills and you aren't doing that. If you can't afford $5 once a year to load up on NCoin for the semi frequent 1NCoin boxes, that's on you. $5 buys 400 days of 1NCoin boxes, more than you will ever see in a year, so honestly, it's an investment that would last at minimum a year and most likely 2-3 years if all you bought were 1NCoin boxes. Is this game not even worth $5 to you? Also, Facebook is not a
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