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Killed at low level, not sure how

Zarah Winters

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So i just started the game yesterday, dont understand really how pvp works yet but i was in a town an left for a few minutes to make some lunch. Came back to find i had been killed, i checked the logs an found that another player had killed me somehow. I asked them how they were able to kill me only to to called a *** over an over. My question is how can i be attacked in a town an at such a low level on top of that. Also i would like to ask if this is the common response from people in pvp on this game or are people on here less of an douche about things then this guy.

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It's not that griefing is encouraged, it's that PvP is encouraged. The only difference between your case, and theirs is that they are jerks

who would rather kill a lower leveled player and must've been weak. They were weak, therefor they killed you to feel stronger.

You were just fodder for them to get more kill counts for them, so they don't have to work hard for it.

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