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  1. I hope that this UE4 fixes stuff for the client itself, ever since this new client and launcher, I've been having problem with my client. I use to be able to run this game pretty decently, but now everytime I play it it gets slower and slower, and I know it's not my computer, I regularly update, clean, repair anything that needs repairing and keep it up to date. I could run this on 5th setting, now I'm freezing at everything and I don't know why. It doesn't do this on BDO, Astellia, FFXIV, but here it really really hates me.
  2. Sorry but Assassin has the upper hand, those people who know what they're doing just learned a loop hole in your strategy. Assassins can vanish, they have so much CC, they do strong damage, their kit is super great in many ways and situations. You want them to make it even more harder for others to pvp you for easier win? That's just going to make it to were no one wants to pvp anymore.
  3. I don't find it distracting at all, but you could always just turn off extra effects and effects in general, if you dislike it that strongly. Or you an literally just not buy Premium.
  4. There is calves (baby whales) teen whale, and whales. you're a baby whale at 1,300+ap so a calf, 1,600 ap is a teen whale, 2000+ is a full blow whale with manboobs and an arm brace.
  5. What game doesn't have a lot to do? you just want to stroll in the park and get everything one day? That would be boring. I think they should lighten up on some of the requirements and make it easier for all, instead of people who can afford the game but still, you just want it to be less things to do?
  6. Not many people arena, only returnees do arena. It's dead and everyone always gets everyone else nerfed because they can't win to get their class to be the best again, another reason why no one but campers is going to do Arena events and they already get a lot of benefits already.
  7. I actually think Inactive accounts that has not been around for over a year and or banned accounts should not have the name they were given, or taken anymore. That way, would free up names for active people that are actually playing. It's not a bad idea but you can have a unique name either way. You can have spaces in the name and Make a first and last name, so you're not really limited to a year old name, just make a new one and play. If you still want that name, just alter it but I highly doubt NCsoft will make old names available again.
  8. When people steal loot, it makes it harder to find parties, in random search. Best to just lfp, if you're going into CS, and say moml. But Mane loot is free for all, Kaari would be your loot.
  9. 960 ap is not enough for CS, trust me. I've ran with several 1020s and I was the only 1200+ and even that was not enough. It goes well in the beginning but one the mechanics kick in, you're going to have a very bad day, if you don't have 1100+ ap at the least. Plus, not to mention, if you run with people who is constantly knocking the boss into the air, this too will give you an extreme disadvantage. You must be running with randoms, especially if those randoms don't want to listen. I had that happen, as well. A random kept knocking the boss up, everyone told him to st
  10. I'm pretty sure, at this point, you're just looking to pick a fight with someone you don't know while trying to insert your own point of view about a person you never met. The topic said to not install the new launcher, I simply replied It gave me no problems. You must be having a bad day, try a V8 or maybe some peppermint tea? It always calms me down.
  11. Ah Blighted Harpy. lol Everyone who don't know the mechanic's bane of existance. Dead dance.
  12. It's also funny that you don't know what sarcasm is. @Snowyamur Anyways, all I did was go to the old launcher, pressed play. After that, it gave a pop up, It took me to the website and I downloaded and followed directions. I got through it just fine, so still trying to figure out what could've went wrong.
  13. Gon are pretty much giants but that's because their bodies are built that way due to being the descendants of The azure dragon, It's not a cliche point of view. They're the biggest race in the game, the character can chose. Side by side against other races, you'll stand taller, especially if you're a male Gon. Yun is suppose to be the Vermilion Bird, not a Phoenix. They look similar, but are not the same. Kirin or Qilin is the ancestor of the Lyn, hence why Lyn have animal features and are more closer to nature and the spiritual realm
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