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  1. Heya, returning player here, I have finished yellow and orange quest, lvl 60 hm20 almost. and I still can’t access 6v6, all 3 modes are locked to me, what’s going on?
  2. so far today: around 12 6v6s matches maybe more 4 games where people crash 2 games where people afk 1 game where I crash seriously this needs to be fixed
  3. can u please fix your game, u cant be proud of having a broken system that makes pvp players tilt like this, u making the pvp community toxic due to all these crashes. losing 20 points for crash. losing games because people crash. how can u guys have a leaderboard in pvp, when it this broken, I lose more points due to people crashing and myself from time to time, that actual games, and it keeps me from getting gold rank
  4. seriously, this one skill is destroyin the game for everyone in every part of the game. SSP, people cant do quest because you timed the 3 waves of spawns so gunners can bulletstorm all quest mobs, so others cant get to tag them, when u give them so little health. Grand havest, Same as SSP, boss little health, gunners one shot them. 6v6s, its stupid they have one skill that can wipe a whole group, and when the group is back up again, thier one skill brainless tab is up again. PVE group/dungeons, I dont care about, since it helps the group. I actually dont
  5. thx :) looking forward to tryin my luck :D
  6. heya, anyone know when the next trove is?
  7. I like pvp specifically open world 6v6s pvp style, and at first I was like whohoooo this is super fun, until reality set in, the whole thing with the 18 sec spin the wheel, with 20 people trying to do it, + 15 people trying to grief, troll, annoy, get their achievement and so on, and do what ever they can to prevent you for getting to spin the wheel, gets old really really fast.....
  8. some high geared people solo dungeons, and go through f8 instead of the world to get to them, for easy access. So they enter LFP group and leave upon getting into the dungeon
  9. sometimes, venting onces frustrations is enough, to calm down and get back on the hamster wheel, its the same when I have to use those tiny screws that are in a pc case, sometimes I have to cool off to actually succed it screwing it in. here after I have let nc know that the rng is crazy, and its way to small, I vented my beefs and that made so I can be calm again and get back to farming.
  10. kay all rainbows and unicorn happiness again, just needed to vent abit. coffee in the system, ready to grind again :)
  11. 600 dungeon runs aint exaggerated actually I have +100 HH runs + 150 SM runs and I run the other dungeons dailey as well so for a month that will come to 600
  12. not if they changed it to lower the drop rate even more, I have been asking other people also, and many have down over 100 HH runs, no drops, over 150 SM runs, no drops and so on even the belt from NF, I haven't seen drop over a month and im not gonna pay again to keep up, because they decided to ruin the game by this crap
  13. if u think ill pay to buy 600 keys again this next trove, u can forget it as long as this contines
  14. one freaking month now, and 600 dungeon runs and I havent seen a legendary drop in any group dungeon, seriously what the heck did u guys do to the drop rate, or did u just decide to removed them all together, so I have to grind one dungeon 250 times to get the damn hellion cores????? I was endgame build a month ago, now im so far behind it starting to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ me off ,
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