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  1. New to Soul Fighter

    Hope so.. I changed my SF to Earth because of that. I play on 220~240 ms.
  2. New to Soul Fighter

    Oh man.. 70 to 150~200 ms does a LOT of difference. RMB on frost SF is way faster with low ping.
  3. Soul Badge for Frost Soul Fighter

    Well, this is true. But I don't really like to recommend temporary things. And if he has the hongmoon skill for the RMB, he won't need that extra focus.
  4. Soul Badge for Frost Soul Fighter

    Limitless is Alluvion+Sagewood. And yeah, it's pretty good. Especially after the rework on Z. I would say that Alluvion is better than Bluemoon right now. Since you will be able to cast more froststorms during Z and soulburn.
  5. Soul Badge for Frost Soul Fighter

    You can see them at Mushin Tower. Next to the Trial Arena/Tower of Infinity entrance. And Frost SF's used to use Alluvion or Blue Moon at the beginning, but I don't know what they use right now. You can search for guides or look up at F11 and see what the top ones are using.
  6. Tips

    Are you trying to beat the story Mushin, that Yura leads you there or the Mushin from the actual dungeon?
  7. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    For what I know, it's elitist.. but still need brains. I was told that if you skip mechs by doing huge ammounts of dps, you would lose score. So it's best to do it on the least ammount of time, but still doing all mechs.
  8. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    It probably means joining another ranked party, since you need to create a fixed party to enter the ranked mode. But you can simply enter F8 and enter the dungeon through there. It won't clear your rank if you're not using the challenge orb to do a ranked run.
  9. bug report on star braker braclet and davinaty braclet

    It's not a bug. They just didn't represent it clearly/correctly on the spread sheet. If you pay attention, there's no "before->after" on the helion bracelet section, only on the later stages.
  10. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    As far I know, you don't lose rank just by playing the dungeon. You need the challenge orb thingy to make the dungeon run count on the rank. But if you are trying to say that it will be hard to find people to do ranked runs... then.. there's no solution for that. It's aimed at people that already worked as a team and trusted each other before.
  11. December Update Questions

    1 - They work until Aransu 3. Beware that you need one in specific for that. 2 - I don't think so, but you can go to the weapon that comes after exalted/storm dragon. But you will probably need Aransu 7. 3 - I dunno.
  12. "You need more money for repairs" How much?

    @houselyrander You're supposed to use the golden hammers next to campfires or the red portable hammers to repair your weapon. Don't repair your weapon on npc's..
  13. It's what Jonathan said on his last tweet. If they will keep their word is another history..
  14. Accumulated XP stays, so your level will be increased.
  15. New to Soul Fighter

    @Syndrex Ice is a complete NO if you have high ping. Earth requires ani canceling, but it's way better on 230 ms+ than Ice build. I can't say if seraph is viable after the rework, since I didn't test it.. And about rotation.. You basically use Focus Chi whenever possible. During it, get Chi stacks, use King Fist's and that's it. When you're out of Focus Chi, you will do the basic rotation of RMB > F until you get five Chi stacks to use King Fist. I don't remember if you need a soul badge for this, but King Fist's and the Ranged "V" will reduce the CD of Focus Chi, so remember to use them. Also, Ice Coil gives a free King Fist. Also, remember to use the Ranged "2" and the melee "X", since they give a free Chi stack. On Soulburn/flare, you do the common rotation if you have Focus Chi. If you don't, just do 2 RMB's and a KingFist, repeat. (This is only possible if you have Skyrift mystic badge.. if you don't, you will need 3 RMB's) EDIT: You do need the Ancestral Soul badge (Courage + Glory) to reduce CD of Focus Chi using King Fist's and ranged V's. Also it increases the duration of Focus Chi. And for the Mystic Badge, use Skyrift.