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  1. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    There's no invitation item, you just need to read a letter on the quest tracker on the right side of screen..
  2. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    If it's not in your unfinished quests and you didn't complete.. It's supposed to stay on your received letters on quest menu. If it's not there, it's probably a bug.
  3. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    Did you finish the story?
  4. New Player Asks Something Stupid!

    Warlock needs some practice and some items to do a good damage. Gunners.. are just too simple. You don't need a lot of training on your rotation to do a good dps. About mobility, yeah, Warlock lacks a lot of it, while gunners can do 7 dashes without effort haha About the "stand to cast skills", that's normal on warlock, sometimes you need to stand still to cast some skills, especially if you use Frost Warlock. But don't think Warlock is a bad class, it just requires practice and knowlegde of your skills. By the way, KFM is a hard class for begginers, and it requires a lot more practice than Warlocks.
  5. Is there any other way to get hongmoon soul?

    You should be able to... when Act VIII was released, it was not upgradable.. but it is now.
  6. Is there any other way to get hongmoon soul?

    You get Solak Soul by doing Act VIII.. That soul can be upgraded to a stage 4 hongmoon soul.
  7. It's okay.. Grabs are not that great nowadays.. But yeah, some people might value that.. And ah, Destroyer doesnt have threat.. only BM's and KFM's have it. And WL's and SUM's can spec taunt, but it has time limit. Doing a summary of everything that was discussed, if you have high ap and BT gear, you will be requested.. doesnt matter your class.. People like high dps. But sometimes they will let WL's, SIN's and tanks(You still need some dps to hold aggro as a tank) enter with low damage just because they can help the team clear the dungeon faster.
  8. It's not that their damage isn't good.. It's because they have defensive support.. not an offensive support like WL or SIN/KFM.
  9. Yeah, it has its utility.. but F8 parties sometimes just don't care. Since sometimes they just want the best damage output. That's why summoners or soul fighters are not much requested.
  10. People just don't like summoners because... summoners haha Jokes aside (or maybe it's not a joke), the cat tank thing is complicated.. Some people like it, some don't. I'm on the group that doesn't like it. Some bosses do special attacks when the aggro holder changes.. and it's annoying. Sure, the heals and res are nice.. but people don't need it that much. It's like my soulfighter, people don't really care about healing support.. unless it's a really hard dungeon or raid.
  11. Warlock, because of Soulburn, which increases the damage of all party for some seconds, and also enables some skills that requires that buff. Assassin, fighting spirit gives increased critical chance and damage, if I remember well.. Forcemaster and Destroyer are required in some dungeons because of their party protect. Kung Fu and Blade Master, because some dungeons are easier if you have a specialized tank (and Kung Fu has fighting spirit too, like assassin) Gunner can reset all those skills above ^ Let's say that Warlock, Assassin and Kung Fu Master are always welcomed
  12. The main way to get crystals is through dungeon boxes and dungeon loot. And nobody pays full price on crystals. If you farm the crystals, the second option is cheaper. But buying them to process is certainly not worth it, it will become more expensive, as you noted.
  13. It's just an option.. The old way will still be there. And you're not supposed to buy the sacred orbs and soulstones (and process them) to use that option. It's an option for people that have way too much soulstone crystals and sacred crystals and don't have much use for them.
  14. equip GEMS

    The ammount of slots you get on stage 1 is random. When you upgrade your weapon, there's a chance to open more slots or you can spend legendary gem hammers to open them. So, people create the stage 1 weapon until it comes with 6 slots. It's easier and cheaper like that. Because spending legendary gem hammers is waaay too expensive.
  15. Shadow build endgame gear

    You no longer need to combine the bracelets. Stage 1 drops directly from sanctum. The bracelet that drops on mushin is only useful to exchange the type of bracelets on stage 10.