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  1. Rare item Info needed

    Just sell it to a npc. You will receive the gold described on its name.
  2. New Player, Quick Question...

    You can't... sadly.
  3. You're supposed to use the transmutation that uses a pet as sacrifice. The other one is waaay more expensive.
  4. Pets, rings, bracelts, ect...

    Rings and bracelets don't appear on your character, and they do provide stats. About pets.. well, pet is just visual, but pet aura increases defense related stats. Basically you skin your pet aura with a pet.
  5. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    Low geared players should not focus on obsidians... just saying. Farming materials is waaaaaaay more important on that part. And you can't expect a low level new player to do that dungeon.. They probably won't handle the difficulty. Well, if what I said didn't change your mind, so be it.. You're not exactly wrong on what you said.. but I still don't agree on that difficulty for a event dungeon that is supposed to be spammed.
  6. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    Like I said.. It can be done, but it's too hard to be worth it. It's just faster and less painful to spam Iron Tech if you want some obsidians.
  7. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    It's true that you can do it with mechanics, but doing 20+ runs per day with some wipes is just not worth it.. It takes too long to kill them, even if you do the mechs correctly.
  8. Volume 2 Chapter 1 and 2 merging.

    Just right click them..
  9. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    There's no invitation item, you just need to read a letter on the quest tracker on the right side of screen..
  10. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    If it's not in your unfinished quests and you didn't complete.. It's supposed to stay on your received letters on quest menu. If it's not there, it's probably a bug.
  11. Know Thine Enemy: Part 1 - Invitation missing

    Did you finish the story?
  12. New Player Asks Something Stupid!

    Warlock needs some practice and some items to do a good damage. Gunners.. are just too simple. You don't need a lot of training on your rotation to do a good dps. About mobility, yeah, Warlock lacks a lot of it, while gunners can do 7 dashes without effort haha About the "stand to cast skills", that's normal on warlock, sometimes you need to stand still to cast some skills, especially if you use Frost Warlock. But don't think Warlock is a bad class, it just requires practice and knowlegde of your skills. By the way, KFM is a hard class for begginers, and it requires a lot more practice than Warlocks.
  13. Is there any other way to get hongmoon soul?

    You should be able to... when Act VIII was released, it was not upgradable.. but it is now.
  14. Is there any other way to get hongmoon soul?

    You get Solak Soul by doing Act VIII.. That soul can be upgraded to a stage 4 hongmoon soul.
  15. It's okay.. Grabs are not that great nowadays.. But yeah, some people might value that.. And ah, Destroyer doesnt have threat.. only BM's and KFM's have it. And WL's and SUM's can spec taunt, but it has time limit. Doing a summary of everything that was discussed, if you have high ap and BT gear, you will be requested.. doesnt matter your class.. People like high dps. But sometimes they will let WL's, SIN's and tanks(You still need some dps to hold aggro as a tank) enter with low damage just because they can help the team clear the dungeon faster.