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Class for 100-130 ping


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Hi people.

Which class would be most suitable to play with around 100-130 ping?

Played pretty much with every class to at least Lv20. Currently I have SIN 50, BM 50 and FM 50. Had SF50 but got bored of it. On destroyer and KFM I've never been able to have high DPS and couldn't execute iframes/ani-cancel very well either. When I had to tank on my BM it usually lead my party to be wiped out. Thanks to that I'd rather pick a non-tank DPS position. 

What do You guys think? Should I stick to my SIN (is it good with that ping?), create a gunslinger or any other suggestion? I want to enjoy this game while not making other people hate it : D

Thanks in advance!


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Oh, I forgot to add one very important thing. I'm only playing PvE! So just three requirements: 1) Good DPS / Usable at 100-130 ping 2) Not a tank please 3) For PvE only


I'm not really that interested in summoner. Which one would be best in my case: SIN vs Gunslinger vs that Frost Warlock ? 

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@ Luide New patch. Check it out! Lots of fun incoming ; )

@Riss77 Thanks. As other people said in-game, warlock needs better gear and HM skills to be effective. Gunslinger is easier to deal so I'll create a gunslinger (fire) one : )


Thanks for help. This thread can be closed

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