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  1. 17/10/18 Blade and Ghoul Event

    Seems like a fat lie to me, or an unintentional crap.
  2. So i've been running around killing the bosses with the XX amount of players dropping my fps to freaking oblivion but thats okay, i got a little confused after a while how the drop works, i've been getting 1 box from each boss, and after a while, i couldn't get anything. Is there a cap you can earn per day from the bosses? Is there a minimum total damage requirement? (It quite seems absurd, cus i manage to make quite a decent burst and still fail to get a box). If there is a total damage requirement, for the love of god, remove it or lower it.
  3. Yes, i am with full BT. So if i do the Daily - CS - Weekly - Store Daily, its possible to get it even if i have it s1 and 9 emblems? This will be tough, but i will try getting into a clan for VT once i upgrade my weapon, but at what stage ? 6? 9? I see. Thanks for the info, it was quite a relief that my gear is not total garbage and that i might get the soul, or probably will get it cus i don't plan on missing a daily.
  4. Long story short, due to my irl problems i stopped playing bns with the release of VT, now that i came back i am kind of lost. Current Gear: Sitting at 1080AP with - Rift 3 / Elemental Accs S6 / Oath Neck s10 / Tiger Bracelet s10 / Eternity Belt S10 / BT ss set / Awak Heart 1 (Probably was a dumb move, right?) / HM Pet 6 / HM Soul 6. <-Will miss the free ascending soul since i re-joined yesterday. Unless the stages are not that many and its easy to get the soul otherwise rip. So my main questions is someone to give me a suggestion on how to focus on my gear, is it the weapon first? Also i run out of moonstone crystals, should i grind naksun 24/7 or there is another way to farm them aka more efficient? (Not battleground, don't want to hold my team down just because i suck at it). Where did the pet pods go from the progression trees and what is vial? And main question, how do people make gold now, noticed the gold boxes were removed, and the quests for the dungeons i can join give almost nothing and since the "legendary" items from those dungeons are outdated they worth nothing -Used to get a decent amount from NS bracelets T_T. (Note: The only dungeons up to which i can run or find group is SSM, anything beyond that is out of my reach). Complete desperate f2p player here seeking guidance. T_T
  5. Warden's Fury Giveaway

    Weird, shows 597 keys left.
  6. Warden's Fury Giveaway Still lots of keys here.

    This was a good reason for me and few of my friends to quit this game, so we did. Apparently someone in NCsoft had their heart crushed.
  8. Got reverted even when i didnt agree to it

    Classic support at least yours got reverted when i got a middle finger.
  9. The Valentines Day Event isn't that Bad.

    The event is garbage, total garbage compared to their realmrift, like seriously 2x65 from each side spins while having people pvp you, heck even the peaceful zones turn into pvp zones because thats how this "community" works.
  10. Does it worth go back playing again?

    Not worth it even 1 bit, the community is more toxic than it used to be. The events are becoming worse and worse with each update. Support is purely discriminating their own player base. So all in all, my vote is no.
  11. Disconnected from server

    Cyu tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and NCsoft is looking forward to your money that you will start wasting again starting next week. :D
  12. Realmrift WAY too hard

    No i am not OP, and i didn't call you plebs, just lazy people that don't bother finding ways to cheesing stuff when you struggle with it. And yes bring your stretched woman-boobs i will sign them if that makes you under that event dungeon is a peace of cake. That's why friends/clan mates exist. I found such people, how hard is it for someone else to find too? You are a lost case, w/e.
  13. Realmrift WAY too hard

    Thanks at least someone is sane here. So if u have 1.2k ap you will outdps a 600 ap in the EVENT dungeon? Right. Let me give u a tip: 1 SB 1 BB 1 BM 3 Destros, We cheesed it like it was a damn blackram narrows. And poh didn't even reach the 1m timer. As i said l2p and don't try to find excuses when you want everything on a silver platter. In the EVENT dungeon, your multipliers, bracelets, soul, badge, etc,etc,etc,etc ain't working, you are just a pleb like in arena, so don't tell me a 1.2k AP player can outdps a 600 in the EVENT dungeon. lol. To sum up, all in all you got more than enough damage to complete the dungeon without breaking a sweat, people are just lazy to find ways and always try search for excuses just to rush stuff. And i honestly enjoy every single bit of this EVENT dungeon because you (generally speaking) whales without a single bit of a skill that only rely on your top gear cus you swiped your card ain't working!
  14. Realmrift WAY too hard

    When will people understand AP in this dungeon DOESN'T - MATTER. And before you jump to conclusion about "Oh its so hard, i can't do it, we wiped a lot", Get 3 Destros 1 BM and cheese it, literally it becomes the easiest event dungeon with nerfed stats. And for gods sake grow some hands and learn how to play your classes.