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  1. old update craft delete the all player and add low craft level. Now craft : a production item was removed from the craft. will they change and destroy the work of man?
  2. i not understand, the server dead the 2000 player login?
  3. not login 2 day the game? waiting login line all players? what is this queuing thing again?
  4. so i say i sure i will not delete character, just because it is inactive for some time ..what you use character will remain if you do not delete yourself I would remind you that long time to cancel / destroy anybody's interest , so that's the topic I think unnecessary
  5. the account support loking the server, the caracter or account what time not login, And the caracter delete, the account not.. the account original verifiable authentication support ,
  6. What if someone crashes, and 4 month hospital, and 6-7 month the home convalescence...and 1 years coming retry the game, and not found the player caracter? delete a particular character , only by a user.. Because nobody knows why he can not play, and not because of his own fault, it would be unlawful to be harmed. if they have been deleted , the player must in principle be compensated ,to re-create the same character , the same equipment, but with a different name. as this support does not do so, so I do not think it's a name , would delete character,.so that others can use the name..
  7. estimated departure the server 20:00 -21:00 between, but it may be customary to skid 22:00 :D Of course this is just a presumption , i waiting server starting :) and questson, the all player the login, add lvl50 up ticket, the super.. and the account have 3 caracter and no create new, what use? :D
  8. Yes. Update, and start daily dash.. next day reset.. lost 1 day daily.. big big super.. the daily spin, this time should not be extended by one day ? this is the fault of server operation , +1 if it's only fair day shifts in return
  9. Bocs hogy Magyarul írok, de nem tudok annyira angolul. Update után, hihetetlenűl ocska dropp lett. 20 Heavens Mandate eddig csak Stinget dobott max XDDD Hol vannak az egyéb extra droppok? Napi szinten kiszenved egy ivory scale-t az ember ami a marketben 3 Gold. És mikor elmegy boss instába, nem esik más cska Stringe. aminek az értéke fele sincs a kiszenvedett Ivori Scale-nek. Máűr már egyszerübb eladni a scale marketben 3g ért mint instába menni vele. Vagy ott a Gloomdross ami több idő insta, végig viszi az ember, és mi esik? Csak Stringe.. Hol van belőle a Honorary ornament?
  10. Thx support! The Chromatic weapon chest random drop to instance, and chess drop random weapon LOL.. 50 round run instance 00000000000000000000000000000000 SAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. All class normal speed attack off, the no enemy target. The Summoner very slow!!!!!!!!! Me caracter target enemy and kill, and no run.. 1-2 minut and OFF the hand mod no enemy target. Please fixed summoner slow OFF target mod.
  12. hm..I do not understand I do not update.. and error code 200.. *cricket* the maintenance..
  13. gratulation blade and soul develop support, the maintenance server error ha ha ha account not authorized... wery good works..
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