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  1. Hello, sorry for late reply! I've had to repair my car so I didn't had as much cash as I planned.. anyway I ended up with: Ryzen 7 1700 @3.6GHz 1.2V | SilentiumPC Spartan 3 HE1024 Adata XPG Z1 8GB DDR4 3000MHz CL16 | MSI B350 Tomahawk (flashed) | Geforce 750Ti 2GB MSI | WD Black Nvme 250GB Max temp (3.6 @1.2V 100% CPU stress test) was 67*C so I guess it's okay. In B&S it usually stays around ~55*C, max somehow 62*C. Game uses only 2 cores so very low total CPU usage. Blade & Soul with motherboard "Gaming Boost" (3.2 ghz) utility and "Auto" CPU Voltage got ver
  2. Alright so it'll be HyperX 2x8GB 3000mhz cl15 + crucial ssd 240gb (already have it) and corsair 500w 80+ psu (have it). In terms of cleaning memory i was using CleanMem or whatever name it had. Nodah has a video tutorial of it. I can get either i5-8400/R7 1700 (i5 build is few dollars more) + Gigabyte Gtx1050 2GB in the same price range or i5/R7 + Palit GTX1060 3GB by paying a bit more. I'd rather go with R7 because of solid 8c/16t (Im upgrading my pc every 5 to more years or when it dies). SkyStorm, did you ever had drops to 1FPS (frequent ones) on Yours R5
  3. I still have a few days before I'll order new PC. I'll use it mainly for B&S and CS:GO so I dont need way too expensive things like f.ex. 1080Ti.. so I'll propably go with gtx1050 for now. Actually I wont really OC CPU. I'll only use Turbo boost. So MegaMouse, will i7-8700 be much better in B&S than i5-8400/r7 1700? I would want to have minimum 20-30fps fps in raids. Frequent drops to 1fps is a big NO. Everyone who's reading my post, could you post your "CPU, ram, gpu, average FPS and how frequently it drops below 10fps"? Especially in demanding rai
  4. Hello, I want to buy a new PC because my current one (mobo) died and im writing from my phone. I want to build it for a few years without worrying about upgrading for possible UE4 engine update. 1) 64bit client can use up to 8-14gb ram, right? So 16gb of ram is a must. Will HyperX Predator 3000MHz CL15 be good enough? 2) What about GPU? Is GTX1050 enough for B&S 1080p mid-high details or GTX1060 3GB is a must? 3) What Im most unsure about is CPU. I3-8100 vs i5-8400 vs R7 1800X. R7 is 8c/16t so it should benefit if UE4 happened right? Plus its more futur
  5. If I'm not wrong, there's a new Act 8. Many players propably came back to complete it or use Lv 50 ticket.
  6. @ Luide New patch. Check it out! Lots of fun incoming ; ) @Riss77 Thanks. As other people said in-game, warlock needs better gear and HM skills to be effective. Gunslinger is easier to deal so I'll create a gunslinger (fire) one : ) Thanks for help. This thread can be closed
  7. Oh, I forgot to add one very important thing. I'm only playing PvE! So just three requirements: 1) Good DPS / Usable at 100-130 ping 2) Not a tank please 3) For PvE only I'm not really that interested in summoner. Which one would be best in my case: SIN vs Gunslinger vs that Frost Warlock ?
  8. Hi people. Which class would be most suitable to play with around 100-130 ping? Played pretty much with every class to at least Lv20. Currently I have SIN 50, BM 50 and FM 50. Had SF50 but got bored of it. On destroyer and KFM I've never been able to have high DPS and couldn't execute iframes/ani-cancel very well either. When I had to tank on my BM it usually lead my party to be wiped out. Thanks to that I'd rather pick a non-tank DPS position. What do You guys think? Should I stick to my SIN (is it good with that ping?), create a gunslinger or any other suggestion? I want to e
  9. Hi, I don't want to create a new thread so I'll do it here (hope it's okay). What class would be most useful while playing with 100-130 ping (110 avg) ? Mostly I'm thinking about BM, SIN and Gunslinger. Of course F2P player. Thanks in advance
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