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Basic rotation FM lb>2>lb>2


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300ms here, Fm main as well....


You don't do lmb 2, since lmb and 2 each has a 1 sec cd, and when you spam these 2 skills fast enough, the cooldowns might get on top of each other creating stuttering in the rotation... not good.


Now if you add rmb into the rotation, no cooldown gets on top of the others, which creates a more fluid combo. Believe me, I've played this game for 1 year now and 've tried all sort of combos. Doing lmb 2 simply doesn't work for me, it stutters a lot. Also, when i look at the combat log, with lmb 2, each second at 300ms I can do 3 hits: lmb - 2 - lmb. Now with lmb rmb 2, each second at the same ping I can do 4 hits: lmb - rmb - 2 - lmb. Which means lmb rmb 2 brings an addition of 1 rmb to the table - meaning significantly more dps (depending on how hard your rmb hits).


So there you have it, lmb rmb 2 brings more dps and more stability to the table. At least at 300ms . I believe that's case closed

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if you don't use RMB you will never get DUAL DRAGON with out DUAL DRAGON you will never get Tiger effect from leg. bracelet to get your dps sky hi with the "2"and personally I have soul badge that gives fire effect with Dual Dragon hit (bonus flame damage so its out of the question not to use RMB) 

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10 hours ago, Fiana said:

anyone main FM here? i want ask as high ping player

what do you think about basic rotation lb>2>lb>2 instead rb>lb>2>rb>lb>2?
for me, not only shorter timing for basic rotation, its almost have good focus management

Well if you're going to play like that then get dragon bracelet instead of tiger, though, you'll be dealing less damage than someone with the same ping with the original rotation.


Its better to use rb-lb-2 instead of lb-2 because tiger bracelet (which is better than dragon) needs dual dragons to trigger it's effect and you can't have that without rb

Another thing is rb helps you maintain frost def buff (about 60% more def i think?) So that could help you survive in some cases


Further more, rb is an attack, which triggers your weapon stacks and gives you resets. In the longer run its not just rb damage you're losing, it's also some of inferno and meteor shower


Whats your ping anyway?

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