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PVP Build


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Beside build, it important to know how and when to use certain skills and not to waste your escapes.

I'm not a pro at pvp, but this is what I'm using.

(When you're against BD or Dest, try to get them to use their ss, and use HM strangling Roots to keep them in place. They cant spin out of it. That goes for both wind and earth.)


Wind: https://bnstree.com/classes/summoner?b=0543641224111

(I prefer the Additional dmg (right side) bees, since it costs less focus). I'm using life regan lmb since focus regan lmb isn't necessary if you're using right side bees. 

This build is better when you're against a melee class.

The point is to try and Daze/stun the opponent, airborne them, use 3 (Petal Storm Toss) and spam rmb.


Earth: https://bnstree.com/classes/summoner?b=1443541214111

I usually use this against range classes, since Petal Storm is usefull against certain range classes. 

Not much of explaining needed for this. Just try to pin the opponent (make sure they used their escapes) and rmb lmb as much as you can.


Again, I'm not a pro. So someone will probably give you a better answer. 

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If you practice for hours everyday, learn all the other classes very very well, and never make a mistake eventually you can make it to 1500(check leaderboard...top summoners have like 1 in top 50+ a cple wintraders for a reason). Summoner is by far the weakest class in arena. you will have considerably better luck in 6v6. Basically to win you have to rely on the opponent making numerous errors and using that to your advantage.

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