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  1. Shacked Isles Guide

    There are a ton of options to be very successful at shackled. Can run sketchy exploits and pull a plubelle so that you're stacked with like 20 pve skills before the first persons foot touches the ground. Or pull a myndi and run like 4 deep in a premade group(gotta queue same time). Or be like those summoners with insane ranks that are always the first to die that just spam it over and over for the minimum match point. etc. etc. The trick to doing well is tying in macros with the pve skills.
  2. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Try playing summoner for a day. FMs can press one button from like 42m away to one shot nuke kitty and take half our HP. They literally don't even have to get into the fight. KFM is the most broken after awakened but the patch was MORE then generous to FM.
  3. NC Launcher 2 is a joke

    Ya new launcher is really buggy. I had it uninstall the entire game etc. Tried several times before I just gave up. Can just enter the game through bns buddy and have the added bonuses of getting game/pvp fixes along with it.
  4. Stopped trying?

    Seems like any match 1300-1600 elo these days has about an 80% chance of getting a deranker/wintrader. Any plans to remove these players? Maybe have like a minimum dps threshhold. Players doing like 500 dmg matchwide are pretty obvious.
  5. All pvp is broken right now. thats why no one ever bothers with leaderboard anymore.
  6. Most Toxic PVP i've ever seen.

    Agree with other commenters. Its not the game but the players that make it rubbish. people just want ez mode and intentionally derank so thats why 1300s bronze is flooded with more fully geared pvpers then 1550+. As far as arena goes its entirely unbalanced. Some classes having far more escapes and ez 100-0% combos.
  7. PVP Build

    If you practice for hours everyday, learn all the other classes very very well, and never make a mistake eventually you can make it to 1500(check leaderboard...top summoners have like 1 in top 50+ a cple wintraders for a reason). Summoner is by far the weakest class in arena. you will have considerably better luck in 6v6. Basically to win you have to rely on the opponent making numerous errors and using that to your advantage.
  8. Which soul for earth summoner

    for summoner def use 6 sec soul. other doesnt even compare. for burst classes like sin may want 1 min soul but earth sumnr is sustained dps.
  9. "PVP attack power"

    arena all stats are equalized. Only advantage you can get from build is hm skills. the people you fight doing obscene dmg and having no cd's are simply running scripts/exploits.
  10. Please! Keep the events out of PVP

    i agree but for different reasons. 99% of the exploiters in the game just sit in pvp. all the players using autoscripts and exploits to reduce or eliminate cd's entirely. its why arena was dead in the first place. soon as event is over it will go back to being dead.
  11. exploit scripts

    I've made support tickets regarding the abuse by my video quality sucks using the free programs. Any way to implement a system that auto-detects exploiters running no cooldown scripts in arena? seems like one out of the 3 or 4 matches is an individual running the exploits and not even trying to hide it. People using their tabs like 10 times in less then 20 seconds, etc.
  12. Boost summoner in 6v6

    ya 6v6 shouldnt be an issue. Arena on the other hand....
  13. Lowbie killers

    thats nothing compared lowbie killers in clan 6v6. strongest players constantly make new clans to fight low ranked ones then once they get to the top 10 or so on new clan they make a new one. much more frustrating when there's rankings and leaderboards involved.
  14. Battleground Problems

    I 100% believe that some ppl have something added to their account that puts them in low ranking team. recently I lost about 30 matches in a row. always by far the highest dmg/most kills. the probably of it being completely randomized is just too small to even be a possibility.
  15. Daily Challenge 50 Dungeon Req Problem

    lol this thread though. Just do what all the other free users have done...grind dailies until you're over 550AP You dont have to rely on pay to winners carrying you to advance in the game. Run the dailies that match your current abilities. With Low ap, even if you have mechanics down and can survive, your dps output is low which can make melting the bosses before enrage difficult. With all the time it takes you to complete newest dailies on a low AP character you are losing gold. Spend your time more effectively by grinding lower level material to get the gold you need to upgrade. I promise you that everyone on your server does not buy gold. Many free users had over 500AP pre-silverfrost.