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  1. Big assumptions made there...the main point is that the anticheat is not working properly. won't even run causing the game not to run. With no modified files/nc launcher/no firewall or antivirus blocking/mouse programs/etc. I found the *solution* but definitely not working as intended.
  2. Ya games busted. Ive tried everything. isnt antivirus blocking anything or razer synapse. update and repair doesnt fix. no automatic gameguard running though either?
  3. if anyone is left in bns by the time the balance finally occurs. Most of us have moved on to other things. game is way less populated then it use to be. trick is to just roll kfm/des/bm then stick a pet on ur keyboard so u can insta-afk climb to plat. zero skill classes hard dominating people that use to enjoy difficult but playable pvp content.
  4. kfm hard counters sum. keep practicing. ensure you have hm skills and are on proper spec.
  5. lul. ya i havent been top 10 in a few seasons since work schedule. feel free to add me. im pretty confident i'd do well on my main, or any of my alts against you. assuming you aren't third spec bm and playing a class that requires actual skill. can troll all you want but i'm saying what everyone already knows.
  6. ya if ncsoft cared they would have fixed it long, long ago. I still queue 6 matches daily on two toons just for the bloodstones. Best to just afk so the BM army doesn't think they actually did anything. A few of the top players don't xml, though. single digit ping carries their 40 pvp characters. In some cases its super obv, though. no skill cds etc. For newer players I just try to explain that it use to be skill-base pvp and it wasn't always like the current, sad state.
  7. ya i mean anyone can spam until they get lucky matchups. It use to be very very easy to get gold. Now 90% of matches are against smurf bms with no skill. can turn monitor off and do the instakill combo. If enemy player touches the ground or uses a single skill you've failed as a bm.
  8. agreed, you definitely have to work for it. This is the first season my alts are in gold, though. And i know most of the people im fighting in 1400s->1500s. pretty much fight the same ones over and over. not super salty because their alts usually same class as their high-ranked mains. This is mainly why arena is dead. when it comes to fighting third spec bms, skill rotation, iframes, tech chasing, etc...none of it is relevant. long gone are the days of skill-based pvp matches. Now you simply just have to make the correct class smurfs. Old pvp was brilliant, though.
  9. they wrecked class balance. now if you queue for hours only expect to see third spec bms, sfs, and a few fire kfms. Hence the long queues. no one really takes it seriously.
  10. I feel like you don't play pvp much. next time your have an alt queue in 1300-1500s let me know. ill let you know the name of the person you are actually fighting. I'd say its about an 80%+ chance you are fighting someone with at least one character 1650+...typically same class.
  11. nah imouto I mean xml scripts. was hoping after the fishing stuff they'd fix it. Just today though had a sin tab at least 15 times in 45 seconds. It's why most people think of arena as a joke. I got into this game when it was skilled-based. Now its purely exploit-based.
  12. ohh ppl mean having full max gear without farming or paying? can easily be parsing 5 mil+ without any of that stuff. but ya, you prob wont hit rank 1 as f2p
  13. no point. arena is a trashhouse full of mostly smurfs running scripts. ppl that think their skills are god tier because they can one button win. no one respects the leaderboard, the rewards are bad, the queues are long, and its a big reason why ppl left the game.
  14. its always been this way. the issue is the community. A majority of players that queue in arena do not wish to fight. Wall running around the outside of the arena to win by time is a hot tactic for a bulk of players.
  15. definitely isn't p2w. you only have to pay to keep up if you only login like 30 minutes per week to play. can farm or pay. The biggest issue is the top 5 with godping all have around 20 smurfs each. Also the scripts ppl run are pretty insane(record anytime you go arena because when you report they will ask for vid).
  16. If they cared about stuff like that old bugs from years ago would be fixed and xml editors would have all the accounts under the same IP banned.
  17. arena is busted. no point in even trying except to afk queue 3 matches for bloodstones.1300s-1500s is all the same 5 top players on smurfs. ppl with 20 bm accounts so they can one button you 100%-0 with some fight dodging sins peppered in to stealth around the outside of arena until they win with time. arena is a ded game mode. No skill-based fights in months.
  18. I wish. that was rare though. typically i fight ppls 20th alt vs a gold. I will never understand how ppl can do that for fun. imagine being afraid to fight people your own skill level. This season has been the worst ive seen. an easy 1650 last season is now 1300s-1400s.
  19. nope. wasn't talking about 1v1. everything he said was incorrect. I play on 3 toons and 1400s is 10x more competitive then 1700s. Many of the top players farm the lower elo, I actually know them(incase you are too lazy to check account name). and 200+ elo is very possible. i get people over 1600 on my 1420 destro. Seems like he is very sure of things that are simply untrue. Maybe spend less time in forums and more time in the game. @Nagisa Yuki
  20. performing a repair each time you login should fix the issue.
  21. nah its still busted. its why no one queues in arena and no one respects the pvp ranks. even 1400s its only top 5 players on alts/multi accounts. This season if you make it to 1500s you are a god. it means you wrecked the best players in bns that just camp 1300s->1400s. Best to just queue for 3 matches and afk for bloodstones. Think class rank 1-40 of each class all one person each. Not to mention since no one queues matches can be over 200+ elo difference. fighting 1650s in low 1400s.
  22. What components do you use? I've had the same issues since patch. At load-in screen I get 3000,104,10054 errors. Shouldn't be related to components, if anything my computer is too GOOD to run bns. File repair and spamming login ~5x seems to do the trick. Also ensure you periodically do a dns flush/ip released/ip renew. Each time i do file repair a 67.69 mb update occurs and then it allows me to proceed past character select. My guess is the recent patch had a file in a misdirected directory. Maybe went to temp folder instead of where it belongs. After you restart have to r
  23. they won't remove alts. itll always be like 5 sweaty boys on a redic number of accounts having xml wars. I heard in the other version they did something to limit the exploits, though. hoping one day they bring that to our version to make it playable again.
  24. Its not so much the balance(could use some fixing) but more of the abusers using exploits that make their advantages more pronounced. They said they are looking into the accounts though and take the issue seriously. Hoping to see another ban wave soon.
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