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  1. Gunner Aerial Ability 'Upshot' Buggy

    I was wandering if it was just me. I am experiencing the same bug.
  2. Mastery Bundle

    They resent it the last time they changed it. I guess they will this time, otherwise, they won't make much money.
  3. Seems like you wish had just come true
  4. Pet equipment path?

    Just make sure to expand the upgrade table if you don't see it.
  5. So... with the gunslinger just around the corner, I am preparing for the new class I was waiting and hoping for since the game came out. So far I am gathering materials and gold to try and upgrade the weapon as much as I can. Personally, even if we will get level 50 voucher I will level my gunslinger. At the moment I hope that I will be able to take my weapon from Ivorymoon to Seraph/Baleful 10-12. So here come the questions: 1. Which weapon paths should I take? 2. Does anyone know what S.S should I aim for? 3. Gunslinger has fire and shadow trees, which one should I choose for pvp and which for pve? 4. Should I go straight for elemental accessories? 5. What badges should I aim for?
  6. cool event on CN server.

    @JoannaRamira Where was that stated? Anyway, trove is an event that happens about every 3 months, however, it is never the only event so we might get something worthwhile. I do hope they will do something that isn't farming like always. Personally, I am tired of it.
  7. PVP Build

    So I have been playing summoner on and off for a while now, and with the event going I want to try and pvp more. Could you please recommend me a good pvp build for both wind and earth builds?
  8. Well, I wouldn't count it out just yet, according to their announcement there will be some system updates. Now we do know that they can seperate elements of updates and release them separately.
  9. Costume Designe 2017 feedback

    Wow! Love your design.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Where did you get that hair? I don't remember seeing it around?
  11. Information

    You should watch the 1st Anniversary stream, at the last part they talked about the upcoming changes next month.
  12. Holly Jolly Hood

    I would also like an increase on this outfit and the hood, unfortunately I don't have as much time as I would like to play. So far whenever the merchant spawned in my dungeons there was nothing worth buying.
  13. Looking for a mid-level Guide

    Could you explain a bit what was your achievement grinding process? What points are easier to get, harder, what you would recommend doing first.
  14. Yea, I have been playing for a while and heard a lot about people hating that build so I wasn't really an option, I wasn't sure which other build I should go for. Thanks :3