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Awakened Wrath Removal? Shadow users should just KTS?


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Destroyers are one of the least pve dps-ers, I have never seen a destroyer get top 5 in any dkv/ BT / , or top 2-3 in Ns/IF .

Awakened wrath was one of the few things that kind of helped a shadow destroyer do some dps in PvE, Awakened Galeforce is slow and has a boring cd.

Go back to earth?

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Galeforce alone hits like a truck. Awakened Gale Force also has a 3 second CD and you can use it twice i would expect the rotation to be  
LMB > F > F  (repeat) 

combined with
Pulse Mystic badge :  350% additional ap bonus and reset on eradicate/repulse
Raven Axe stage 9: 250% shadow ap bonus
Full BT bopae : 70% dmg increase 
Ember Stomp move 1 : 20% dmg increase
(New) Dragon Bracelet: 1200% additional ap bonus (available for 4 second buff after wrath is used) 

with all these bonuses awakened galeforce should be devastating 

furthermore currently using the Tiger Bracelet i consistently stay in top 3 on BT even coming out as top DPS or end up haivng to tank in DKV .With shadow build the key is maintaining willpower once you lose your willpower your dps will tank.


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Pre BT gear, the change to Awakened Galeforce didn't really help our dps. In fact, I suppose that it's a slight nerf so far because Awakened Wrath was kinda good to burst.

However, as muchun said, with a lot of gear, it's not even in the same league. Awakened Galeforce damage will be insane.

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I've been playing Earth Destro since launch and in BT gear, I'm nearly always in the top 5 for DKV/BT runs as well as top 2-3 in NS.  I've only run IF a few times but I was top 2-3 in all those (all but one IF run was AFTER they removed awakened wrath). 


Shadow is indeed clunky and boring.  You also shouldn't switch based on what you read on reddit or these forums.  The "best spec" constantly flips back and forth, depending on gear, for a Destro so just save yourself a headache, pick the spec YOU like to play the most, and stick with it no matter what.

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