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  1. Spyre items bonus damage

    I'm sorry, and don't take this the wrong way, but the fact that you're writing in some kind of broken english makes it quite difficult to understand, and I think that you might be having some trouble understanding others too. I don't think that LawR was trying to show off or anything: He didn't get your question because it wasn't clear in your first message (and to be honest, I'm not even sure I got this right). If I understand properly, you're asking why the character panel shows your "Lightning", "Shadow", "Fire" and "Wind" damage even if your class can't deal any of these kinds of damage? Well, that's the way it is. It doesn't make any sense, and it doesn't have to, I guess. You'll see these stats even if your character can't deal Fire damage. Also, unless you messed up in a way and ended up getting an Obsidian of the wrong element, these elemental damage stats most probably come from your Hongmoon Points. Now, as you said before, every class has two possible elements : As you're asking about Frost and Earth, I suppose you're a Soul Fighter. If you're playing Frost spec, then most of your skills will deal Frost damage. To increase your DPS, you'll have to get Frost accessories and Frost obsidian, nothing else. If you're using Earth accessories while playing Frost build, then you'll deal way less damage than if you used the Pinnacle ones. And unless I am mistaken, I don't think that you can equip an accessory of an element type that your class cannot use (for example, a Soul Fighter cannot equip a Penumbra or Phantasm Earring, which increases Shadow damage, even if he "looted" it). TL;DR : You have to equip gear that gives bonus to the element you're currently using. Otherwise, it won't give you any kind of bonus. Do not bid on Skybreak Spire elemental gear of an element that you do not use, or cannot use.
  2. Hongmoon Square Gems

    Right now, it seems like every gem before Hexa is totally useless simply because you can buy a Hexagonal for less than what it would cost you to transmute one, and even then, it seems like a complete waste to salvage any gem higher than Hexa. Sorry, but this is just dumb.
  3. 'Advance to start' from premium daily dash.

    Bump, because this is still revelant.
  4. A yun class that would use a Scythe

    Bleh, if anything, they should add different weapons to the current classes: It could be a purely cosmetic change (e.g. Allowing Destroyers to use polearms instead of bigger than necessary axes; Kung Fu Masters and Soul Fighters to use fans instead of gloves/bracers; Warlocks and Assassins to use sickles, kama or "one-handed scythes" instead of daggers and so on). It would require some changes when it comes to skill animations, but it wouldn't require as much work as a new class would. Also, they already said that they didn't want to lock a class behind a gender-limited race like the Yun. I mean, it probably wouldn't matter much as 80-90% of the player characters is female, but it seems they don't want to force players to play a female character.
  5. Premium Memberships

    ... and it can give you that incredible "return to start" in the Daily Dash! That being said, on top of what Boinger said, Premium also gives access to the Wardrobe. You also have more Auction House slots, you can sell more items per day and other interesting things to get if you're into selling/buying/reselling, or if you want to maximize your crafting profit by lowering your fees. But yeah, they keep removing Premium perks without anything else in exchange.
  6. Oddly enough, most of the time, when you're trying to upgrade your weapon, it automatically select to change your weapon to the other type instead of selecting the upgrade. This way, people make mistakes. At least, that's what it did before : Whevener I wanted to increase my Riftwalk from a given stage to the next one, it automatically selected "Dawnforged" in the list of upgrade. Obviously, I knew something was wrong because I knew exactly which materials were required, but I can understand why someone with a lower level weapon would make the mistake. While their item upgrade interface is more intuitive than it was before, it's still messing up sometimes. I mean, on my Gunslinger, by default, it's trying to revert to the other type everytime I want to upgrade... I would ask for a rollback. This isn't entirely your fault.
  7. Riftwalk 7-9

    While I do not doubt that Riftwalk is impressive for an Assassin, unless you can test both weapons with the same gear, you cannot be sure that you're getting the most "of it". Honestly, this is something I hate : We can't test weapons for a few hours, and there is no way to revert it back without asking support (and being limited to one time per account). If you're unsatisfied with Raven, you're stuck with it until they introduce new paths in the lvl 55 content patch. This is sad, especially since it requires a lot of materials to upgrade our weapons.
  8. Riftwalk 7-9

    It depends, really. Some classes and/or builds benefits from Riftwalk and appear to be superior when they've got their VT badge and VT Soul Shields and obviously, played properly: I recall seeing some parse about this when it comes to Fire BM. For most builds and/or gear level, Raven seems superior, but let's take Destroyer for example, as this is the only class I play at endgame: With full BT accessories, bracelet and Raven Soul Shields, Raven stage 6 increased my personnal (F12) DPS by about 7% on multiple parses when compared to Riftwalk stage 6. It's not much, but where it really shines is in a group, with a Warlock and a Gunslinger (Soulburn, because of these Awakened Galeforce). In a group, my DPS increased by around 15% compared to what it was before, and while I am not the best player there is, I know my class fairly well and I don't think that Shadow Destroyer can benefit as much from Riftwalk as it does from Raven, at least, for now with the gear we have and the state of the game, and I've used Riftwalk for months. What you gain in "boosted/burst" Galeforce during and after Fury (if you're using Divine Dragon bracelet) simply isn't on par with that passive buff you get for every single attack, especially when you have those BT elemental damage accessories. It's better for every Galeforce/Eradicate to hit for 15/30% more all the time than having your Fury cooldown reduced from around 37 secs to 23 secs, especially since your Fury sometimes end up being "up" when you can't attack and as you rely on it too much for your DPS, it hurts you pretty bad when you can't use it while it's up. Plus, in the case of a Destroyer, Raven kinda increases your survivability because you do not rely on Fury so much for your DPS, which can be hasardous sometimes (some attacks can one-shot you if you use your Fury at the wrong time). As for Earth Destroyer, I agree that if Riftwalk had a higher tier, it could be superior as this builds really benefits from using Fury (and their VT badge increases Fury duration for 4 seconds, meaning that with Riftwalk and VT Soul Shields, they could end up being in Fury most of the time). Not that Shadow doesn't benefit from Fury, far from there, but as our VT badge doesn't increase Fury duration like it does for Earth, it makes Riftwalk less interresting that it can be for Earth. Note that this isn't the case for every class or build. As I said, Fire Blade Masters and Earth Destroyers seems to be two classes/builds that I know that could end up staying with Riftwalk and be on par or superior to Raven players, given that they have every other gear maxed. There are probably others, but don't worry, they'll add Riftwalk/Dawnforged 7-9 in the near future. As for the PvP path, I don't believe it to be useless. A lot of players have both Acendant and Raven 9 weapons. If Raven was clearly superior to Ascendant, they wouldn't be using an Ascendant weapon stage 3 instead of a Raven 9.
  9. Riftwalk 7-9

    Riftwalk and Dawnforged were stuck at 3 before, then it got upgraded to stage 6 a few months ago if I recall correctly. Right now, I think that they're doing this so that there is a clearly superior path (Raid path) and the other one (non-raid path) which may be superior for some builds. Also, remember that they want people to pay somewhere: By restricting our choice of higher tier weapons, they kinda force people in going for the Raven/Aransu tier, and for some players, buying stuff off F10 in the process (Raven Soul and such). But yeah, I hear you and while I'm using Raven now, I kinda think that they should have increased the Dawnforged/Riftwalk maximum level, even if it meant that it had to cost a lot.
  10. fallen aransu school...

    If you go there as a full group without any prior knowledge of the fight (i.e. without reading any guide), then it'll take a few wipes to get it right. Really, in the end, all we did was alternate between stun and KD whenever the CC bar was up and we got it on our third try due to a lot of confusion between stun and KD (and the occassional Daze... lol). If we had looked at any guide, we probably wouldn't have wiped in the first place, but where's the fun in that? :P As long as your group reacts quickly and properly (e.g. no stun when it's time to KD), then it shouldn't be a problem. Essentially, it doesn't seem any harder than DKV: At least, even while tanking, it didn't feel like I was receiving too much damage, but here again, as a well geared Destroyer, I can facetank a lot of bosses....
  11. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Technically it's called preparing, not abusing. Unless I am mistaken, they even said to start "stocking up" Radiant Energy or buying them off F5/F10 because they would be converted this way. Anyway, they announced the conversion in their twitch stream and it even was on their news on the frontpage. That being said, even if I didn't lose much, they already lost me as a paying customer (as well as a good lot of my friends and clan members who just cancelled their subscription). NCWest is one of the worst company when it comes to misinformation, lack of communication and lack of transparancy, and I have dealt with a lot. It was the last straw for me. I can understand why people might not care much about this change, but do you really want to feed an unethical video game company? I know I don't.
  12. all provinces and territories in Canada (excluding residents of Quebec) As I expected! It must have something to do with the fact that contests and sweepstakes are either bound by different laws in Europe, or that they would have to pay some kind of tax to the EU for their contest to be valid there. You see, I do not pretend to know everything when it comes to our laws, but here's what I think happens in Quebec : For a sweepstake or contest to be legally valid in Quebec, the contest holder must pay our Government even if the contest winner isn't from our region (that is if the prices are valued at more than $100 CAD, which is the case right now). While they may include every other province or territory in Canada, many companies will exclude Quebec from their sweepstakes or contest because it's way less of a problem this way. Maybe this is something similar with the EU. USA and Mexico may have some kind of tax, but it must simply be the case if the winner(s) is(are) from a given state, province or region.
  13. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    So you're glad you scammed people? You must be shitty IRL ;)
  14. About gem sockets

    15 tries, still got nothing else than 3 slots... lol Edit: Just got a 5 slots on my 16th try on my Gunslinger. Think I'll keep it. ;)
  15. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    If you were premium, simply do as I did : I cancelled my premium subscription and will not be paying anything after October 24th (Destiny 2, for my part). The only reason I played was because of my clan members, but I'm not even sure I'll continue playing now...